It is taboo to speak about male foeticide in India

The Indian media is always full of stories about female foeticide. If one speaks about female foeticide, media glamorizes the speaker. The speaker is seen as progressive. While the real fact remains, that such people, who talk about female foeticide, are fraudsters. They are intellectually hollow, and morally corrupt. They don't have any data to back their rubbish claims, but they use this topic to gain cheap publicity.

While on the other hand, talking about male foeticide is a big taboo. Anyone raising the issue is made fun of, and considered an idiot. Any news items related to male foeticide are suppressed by the media. Brothel is one such place, where male foetus, are selectively aborted, and no one gives a damn about it.Many so called "social activists" go to brothel to rescue women, but haven't heard anyone going there to stop this male foeticide.

When the news about foetuses found in a garbage dump surfaced. As usual brain dead people started barking about female foeticide. Only when the news came out that majority of these foetuses were male, did these  misandrist stopped barking. "Out of the 13 foetuses found, three were female, six were male and the sex of the rest of them could not be determined." Which means, it is okay to kill males.

The below article cites instances.