Why Family courts got created in India

On Maharashtra State Commission for Women website, under the below link the reasons for creation of Family court is given.

The reason, that is given is "Family Courts were established for Women". So should men expect justice from such a court ?

The page further states that "Advocates are normally not allowed in the Family Court. However, they are permitted in special circumstances." Nothing can be farther from truth. Family court is full of lawyers. In fact, people (whose cases are going on) are told to wait outside the court room, and only lawyers are allowed to move freely.

Reality is that family courts are created to harass (mostly innocent) husbands, and to extort their hard earned money. Such is the secrecy in family courts, that they don't even publish their judgements on internet. Since transparency brings down corruption. Judiciary always hates transparency.

International Men's Day Press Release, by Men's Rights Association

We (Men's Rights Association) had a very good response, for the International Men's Day Press Release held at Patrakar Bhavan, Pune, India.

The links for the  Press Release  are here  =>   English    Marathi.  The docs are in pdf format.

There were about 30+ journo's to cover this. Hope they print all this stuff. The facts(bitter truth) were difficult to  swallow for many of them.  Got a plethora of queries.   Overall  the event was pretty good. 
All of this stuff shatters the orthodox/conventional mind set. Past experience, has proved, that those who have   came with open mind, have accepted the position, that Male is the weaker gender, and not female, as is portrayed.   
Happy Men's Day in advance to ALL of You.

Ladies and Jerks

It is a common practice by males to refer to "any kind of" women as a lady. Though the synonym of lady is gentleman, men are rarely referred to as gentleman. Men are mostly referred to as guy, man, etc. The general attitude of such males is that by default most males are jerks. But they forget that they themselves are the jerks.

Most men, think, that they are showing gentlemanly behavior, when they are referring to any woman as a lady. But since they themselves don't show much respect to males overall, this behavior of referring to any women as lady, makes them look like a jerk. This rubbish practice is widely prevalent in Indian society.  These men, are the fallacy of propaganda, which tells people, to respect a women, solely on the basis of her gender. This chivalrous behavior cuts through all  strata of society. By showing chivalry towards women, while showing disrespect  towards other males, makes them look sex starved.

But there are still some gentleman left, who  refer to their male counterparts as gentleman. May their tribe increase.

The need of the hour is to in-culminate gender neutral behavior, and not be blinded  by gender of any person, specifically females :-)

Why Maria Susairaj got "acquitted"

Because, she is woman !
Many would find this offensive but that is the truth. Please read her confessional statement.  Inspite of retracting her own statements, the judge didn't took ANY action against her, for this treachery. Why ? because she is a woman.  The Indian law prescribes punishment of upto seven years, for false evidence. She did all she could, to mislead people, but still she went scot free. Indian law(judiciary), is  prescribed  to the view that women, never lie, and if they do, they do because of pressure from someone else.  How can an abla naari commit such a heinous crime. The two males were to be blamed. Why did Niraj went at night to Maria's place ? So that he can threaten the abla naari, who was alone ? Many such questions, would come, if the case goes to high court.

Still, for people who are clamoring for heavy punishment for her, my best wishes.

Maria has said, that she was raped, by her boyfriend. Now what do you call that ?

Does Family Implies only Females ?

Different people have different viewpoints about anything, but in social norms, normally not many viewpoints are available. Case in point is the definition of a family. Though some may argue, that there are different views about family, when it comes to practice, there is still a majority view, which is acceptable to most people. The majority view is normally conservative. What is that view ? That view is that females are an essential part of a family, and that they need to be protected. Take an e.g. of family room/areas in a restaurant. If a group of females(with no accompanying male), enters the family area, they are greeted. It can be that none of the females are related by any blood relationship, or they may be just acquaintances of each other. But they can go in the family area. However, if say two men, who are brothers, try to enter the family room, they are normally stopped, and requested to occupy the general area. If they have a female(who may not be a "family" member) accompanying them though, they can enter the family area.

Even when people inquire a man about his family, they essentially are asking about his wife. (Indian) Society feels that females, more specifically wife is an essential part of any family. And without a wife, there can be no family. So even though, you have a loving an caring mother, sister, father, brother. That amounts to nothing, for general people. It is a faulty and shallow viewpoint though. Since these people think, that if you are not pro-creating, you aren't part of the society. It is essential to note that Indian scriptures do not mandate such a thing. Though scriptures speaks about Grushasthshram, it is not mandatory. God Hanuman never married, even when many efforts were made towards that end  by his "well-wishers". Though, if we think about it, Hanuman is an essential part of Ram's family. At their core, even other religions would subscribe to this view.

Fallacy of rising crime against women

The latest figures released by Maharashtra Police, sheds light on the false propaganda of rise in crime against women.

Per these stats, the only crimes that are on rise is dowry  related. Research has proved the reason, why dowry related crimes are seen as increasing. It is very easy to lodge a false dowry harassment complaint. Lodging a false complaint by a wife is not a  crime, per the Indian judiciary. Additionally any death of a married woman is  recorded as dowry death. It has became a huge extortion racket. Laws meant to protect wife, are very loosely worded, and are rampantly used to harass honest straight forward husbands, and his relatives.  It is high time, that these moronic laws (read IPC 498A, 304B, 306, etc )are scrapped.