Does Family Implies only Females ?

Different people have different viewpoints about anything, but in social norms, normally not many viewpoints are available. Case in point is the definition of a family. Though some may argue, that there are different views about family, when it comes to practice, there is still a majority view, which is acceptable to most people. The majority view is normally conservative. What is that view ? That view is that females are an essential part of a family, and that they need to be protected. Take an e.g. of family room/areas in a restaurant. If a group of females(with no accompanying male), enters the family area, they are greeted. It can be that none of the females are related by any blood relationship, or they may be just acquaintances of each other. But they can go in the family area. However, if say two men, who are brothers, try to enter the family room, they are normally stopped, and requested to occupy the general area. If they have a female(who may not be a "family" member) accompanying them though, they can enter the family area.

Even when people inquire a man about his family, they essentially are asking about his wife. (Indian) Society feels that females, more specifically wife is an essential part of any family. And without a wife, there can be no family. So even though, you have a loving an caring mother, sister, father, brother. That amounts to nothing, for general people. It is a faulty and shallow viewpoint though. Since these people think, that if you are not pro-creating, you aren't part of the society. It is essential to note that Indian scriptures do not mandate such a thing. Though scriptures speaks about Grushasthshram, it is not mandatory. God Hanuman never married, even when many efforts were made towards that end  by his "well-wishers". Though, if we think about it, Hanuman is an essential part of Ram's family. At their core, even other religions would subscribe to this view.

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