Marital Rape in India

Currently there is a huge debate going on in India, about bringing legislation to recognize marital rape. The marital rape that is meant in these demands is that "rape can be committed only by husband on the wife". The demand stems from the orthodox presumption that all Indian husbands are sex crazy, and their wives are celibate women. That Indian wives don't like sex, and they treat their husbands like God, and are ever ready to please their husbands. Sounds weird, stupid and wrong, isn't it ? Well it is. The presumption that Indian women are goddesses and men are rascals is extremely bigoted and totally misleading. The reality is that Indian wives are very good at filing false cases against their husbands. This is very well documented. All this is in terms of Indian context, but might be applicable in other places too.

Marital rape doesn't considers the fact, that wife can force the husband to have sex with her. If the husband doesn't wants to have sex with his wife, he is in a big soup. Since according to the Protection of Women From Domestic Violence Act, if the husband doesn't satisfies the sexual whims of his wife, it is a crime. Furthermore, if the wife is a sex maniac, she normally goes to court, and calls her husband impotent. Honorable Supreme Court of India, has already declared that husband needs to provide free sex to his wife, else it will adversely affect the wife's health. The husband has to act according to the whims of his wife, since it is a choice between bad and worse for him.

Opportunist crooked minded feminists are using the Delhi rape frenzy to pass pervert marital rape law. Per them, only wife can be raped. Even if the husband doesn't wants sex, and wife forces herself on him, the wife will be termed as victim, and the husband evil. In reality even if nothing happens the wife, can still go, and file a rape complaint. They want a very vague law, which will be used to screw the husband legally. As usual, the word of the wife will be the gospel truth. If she says, she was raped, that's it. No evidence will be needed. In the current rape cases, 74% cases are consensual sex. Add to that more fabricated cases. The current IPC 498A section has got 100% false cases. Marital rape will be no different.
Debating logically with these feminists is insane. Since the feminists arguments are devoid of any logic. The basic premise of the feminist argument is that, wife is always a victim. When feminists are shown, atrocities committed by wives on husbands, they term these cases as exceptions. If data is shown, which shows, that husbands suffer more then wives, feminists arguments is that women suffer in silence. Which is again incorrect. Women (specifically Indian wives) normally are more vocal about their demands. The final weapon of feminists is that, they will keep shouting, and won't allow the person to speak. And if the other person still persists in a quite manner, he is abused verbally, and physically. All this under the garb of "Women Empowerment".

Marital rape law, if it is passed, it will be the death knell for the Indian family system as we know it.

True Story: Innocent youth in jail for more then a month on totally false rape charges

Below is a translation of the news.
To hide her affair with her boyfriend, a young girl, concocted a false story of rape, due to which a young man is in jail for more then a month.
A complaint was filed against Malappa Sayabanna Homsani (Age, 21, Resident of Ambegaon Budruk). The victim girl was missing for some days. Police found her in Yavatmal district. She told police that Malappa and his friends. Based on her statement, police arrested Malappa on 25th December 2012. Court granted 10 days of police custody. The victim girl told police that "Malappa kidnapped her on 17th December, and took her to Chandan Nangar in a car. At that place, four men, raped her. On 23rd December, she was taken to Washim. Here again she was raped by three more men.  Later, these men, left her near Yavatmal ghat."
While investigating the case, police found that during the time, that the girl was kidnapped, the prime accused Malappa was in Karnataka state. When police interrogated the girl, they got totally different information. From the last 18 months, the victim girl had a love affair with a man named Omprakash Bansilal Purohit (resident of Chandan Nagar). Her family was opposed to this affair. Hence they both decided to run away, and marry. Accordingly she went to Omprakash's house. After coming home, she didn't knew, what to tell family members. Hence she concocted the false story of rape and kidnapping by Malappa. After this information, police arrested Omprakash, and produced him in court. Under Criminal Procedure Code 169, Police have submitted a report of no evidence against Malappa. Yet court hasn't granted bail to Malappa, but court granted bail to Omprakash. Malappa's lawyer has approached the sessions court for bail. The JMFC judge, H.U.Joshi, has directed Investigating officer, and complainant to appear in court.

India's Supreme Court has consistently said, that "No women will ever make a false statement of rape. Hence verbal statement of a women is enough to convict anyone of rape."
After the senseless mass hysteria over the alledged Delhi Gang rape, there has been a spurt of false rape cases in the country. So much so that media has stopped publishing such news. The above news wasn't flashed at other places. In the past a research done by Pune police had shown that more then 74% cases of rape are in fact consensual sex, which later on become rape. The false rape accusations are consistently on a rise. Add to that, in India women being convicted for perjury is so rare, to the point of being non-existent.

A three member committee was created by the Indian government, who have submitted their report stating that rape accused need to be more harshly punished. Minimum seven years in jail. The news is just in that government has accepted most of the recommendations.