Delhi Girl raped on road !!!!!

Below is a real life incidence which happened recently in Delhi. Delhi is commonly referred to as Rape Capital of India.

A young man was standing in the balcony(road facing) of his house, and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere. A few moments later a car stopped near a girl in the middle of the road. A boy stepped out of the car, and started talking with the girl. They were having a heated argument in a very loud tone and rowdy language, breaking the peace of the area. The young man politely told them not to create a ruckus. On hearing this, the girl arrogantly shouted on the young man, and yelled "This is not your Daddy's road, shut up, and go inside you jerk, or I'll kick your ass now". The young man was taken aback, but replied "Shut up else, I'll hit you". On this the girl replied, "Trying to act smart, try answering the police, on why you have molested a girl".  Since the young man hadn't done anything wrong, he dared her to call police. The girl, called police, and police arrived on the scene. The girl's friend called more people, and there was a crowd near the young man's house, baying for his blood, for molesting a girl. In front of the crowd, the girl accused the young man of making lewd comments on her, and started crying loudly. Tears started flowing from her eyes, she said, the young man abused her. The girl started insisting to file a police complaint. Looking at the girl's tears, the crowd was convinced that the young man had molested the girl. The young man was amazed to see the girls change in behavior.  Fortunately for the young man, hearing all this commotion, his parents and neighbors stepped in for him. Police took statement of the neighbors, and the girl. Police realized that it was  false complaint, and didn't filed any complaint.

 News channels would have reported this news as "A young girl was talking with her friend on road. Suddenly a man from nearby house came, and started teasing the girl. When the girl protested, they had an argument, and the man raped the girl."

Now the young man is being constantly strongly advised to control his emotions, not to get into any altercation and not to act stupid. He is being constantly reminded to not create any sort of trouble, and to be well behaved. The girl is being consoled, and told not to worry about such things, she has lot of people to rely on. If the young man, wouldn't have had anyone to support him, he would have been in jail now for raping an ablaa naari(utterly helpless) girl.
With the current set of laws, we have such grim situation in India. After the alleged rape of a women in Delhi, there has been a strong demand to create more harsher laws to protect women against sexual harassment. And the proposed draconian anti-rape law is in its final stages of becoming a law.
One thing is very clear from such incidences, that even with the current set of laws, young women know very well how to misuse the laws to harass males. The message is very clear, always silently bear any rubbish  behaviour of girls. Else be prepared to be slapped with false accusations of rape. The above like incidences are routinely reported as rape in news channels. The way the such news is projected, all sympathy goes to the un-mannered young girl. All this makes me wonder who is really raped.

Man eager to help damsel in distress got what he deserved

The alleged Delhi rape issue is refusing to die, and it is still alive in media. Egged by the rape protestors, majority of (misleaded) Indian men, want to prove themselves as superhero, by saving young women in distress. The below piece of news was published in a leading Marathi newspaper. Majority of the media houses, don't publish such news, since it doesn't gets good viewership.
(The news is in marathi. Below is a translation of the same)

 Recently in Pune, Rajesh Pillay(aged 35) saw that one women in a car (MH-01 DA 7775) was shouting for help. Blinded by the heavy influence of being a protector of abla naari's(utterly helpless women), he immediately called Police control room. Police personnel immediately swung into action, and erected roadblocks at all the surrounding main junctions, and started checking all cars. Police told Mr. Rajesh(henceforth referred to as protector) to keep tailgating the car, and not to loose sight of the car.  The car kept changing directions abruptly. Mr.Protector tried signalling the car to stop, but the car brushed aside his car, and didn't stopped. By now, he was certain, that an ablaa naari was being raped/molested in the car. Mr. Protector without being concerned over his own safety, bravely kept following the car. Mr. Protector was now dreaming about how he will be hailed as a superhero for being such a vigilante. He was planning about the statements of his heroic deeds to be given to news TV channels. 

Senior Police officials also got involved in the search operation. Finally police managed to stop the car at Wakad chowk. Police expected several men to be caught, and one ablaa naari. But they were shocked to see, not one, but three young girls, and one young man. All stone drunk !.  When police questioned the girls, they started behaving arrogantly with police.  When police asked the girls, why they were shouting, one of the girl replied, " We were coming back from a party, and enjoying in the car. What wrong have we done. What you want to ask, ask in English". The girls started verbally abusing police and Mr. Protector. Mr. Protector's dream of being a super hero thus fizzled out. Since the girls weren't helping, the police started questioning the man who was driving. He wasn't able to answer police. Hearing all this commotion, people staying nearby the police outpost also came came out. Finally seeing the aggressive and arrogant mood of the young girls, the police let them off, without taking any action against them. For Mr. Protector, police told him, to not act in haste, and took a written apology from him, for giving wrong information to police by mistake.
General public, who had gathered outside the police outpost, expressed shock, that a brave person like Mr. Protector didn't got any honor, and police did nothing. 

Lately, there have been several such incidences where over-zealous protector males, have tried protecting ablaa naari's, and it has backfired on them. Ever since the alledged Delhi rape, testosterone levels of many such protector men have risen in India. May God show them the proper path :-)