Why Maria Susairaj got "acquitted"

Because, she is woman !
Many would find this offensive but that is the truth. Please read her confessional statement.  Inspite of retracting her own statements, the judge didn't took ANY action against her, for this treachery. Why ? because she is a woman.  The Indian law prescribes punishment of upto seven years, for false evidence. She did all she could, to mislead people, but still she went scot free. Indian law(judiciary), is  prescribed  to the view that women, never lie, and if they do, they do because of pressure from someone else.  How can an abla naari commit such a heinous crime. The two males were to be blamed. Why did Niraj went at night to Maria's place ? So that he can threaten the abla naari, who was alone ? Many such questions, would come, if the case goes to high court.

Still, for people who are clamoring for heavy punishment for her, my best wishes.

Maria has said, that she was raped, by her boyfriend. Now what do you call that ?

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