Ladies and Jerks

It is a common practice by males to refer to "any kind of" women as a lady. Though the synonym of lady is gentleman, men are rarely referred to as gentleman. Men are mostly referred to as guy, man, etc. The general attitude of such males is that by default most males are jerks. But they forget that they themselves are the jerks.

Most men, think, that they are showing gentlemanly behavior, when they are referring to any woman as a lady. But since they themselves don't show much respect to males overall, this behavior of referring to any women as lady, makes them look like a jerk. This rubbish practice is widely prevalent in Indian society.  These men, are the fallacy of propaganda, which tells people, to respect a women, solely on the basis of her gender. This chivalrous behavior cuts through all  strata of society. By showing chivalry towards women, while showing disrespect  towards other males, makes them look sex starved.

But there are still some gentleman left, who  refer to their male counterparts as gentleman. May their tribe increase.

The need of the hour is to in-culminate gender neutral behavior, and not be blinded  by gender of any person, specifically females :-)

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  1. Women who are truly feminine and who are respecting men are ladies. Women who are following western feminism and bashing men are not ladies.