International Men's Day Press Release, by Men's Rights Association

We (Men's Rights Association) had a very good response, for the International Men's Day Press Release held at Patrakar Bhavan, Pune, India.

The links for the  Press Release  are here  =>   English    Marathi.  The docs are in pdf format.

There were about 30+ journo's to cover this. Hope they print all this stuff. The facts(bitter truth) were difficult to  swallow for many of them.  Got a plethora of queries.   Overall  the event was pretty good. 
All of this stuff shatters the orthodox/conventional mind set. Past experience, has proved, that those who have   came with open mind, have accepted the position, that Male is the weaker gender, and not female, as is portrayed.   
Happy Men's Day in advance to ALL of You.

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