Marriage without sex is anathema - Supreme Court of India

"Marriage without sex is an anathema. Sex is the foundation of marriage and without a vigorous  and harmonious sexual activity it would be impossible for any marriage to continue for long. It cannot be denied that the sexual activity in marriage has an extremely favourable influence on a woman’s mind and body. The result being that if she does not get proper sexual satisfaction it will lead to  depression and frustration. It has been said that the sexual relations when happy and harmonious vivifres woman’s brain, develops her character and trebles her vitality. It must be  recognized that nothing is more fatal to marriage than disappointment in sexual intercourse."
Supreme Court of India, in Vinita Saxena Vs Pankaj Pandit.
    Date of Judgement - 21/03/2006
   Quoting from The Division Bench in the case of
    Rita Nijhawan vs. Balkrishan Nijhawan in AIR 1973 Delhi 200 at 209

And you thought, marriage is based upon trust, understanding, blah, blah, blah.


  1. although i do not support you in all your views,I fully agree with you in this case. I know this women through a friend.She was very ambitious and wanted to get away from this marriage as soon as possible.She went away to US for further studies and had a child even before her divorce came through.She has a roaring carrier and a child every thing a women can ask for.I pity her poor husband who was actually a victim who was made to suffer for no fault of his

    1. I agree. Pankaj got a rough deal in the whole affair. They were goin around for 6 yrs n she dis this to him afterwards.

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