Golden Age for adulterous wives in India

Yes, it is certainly a golden  age for adulterous wives in India. Under Indian laws a wife can be denied maintenance, if she has committed adultery. But adultery is very difficult to prove, particularly against a women in an Indian court. The judiciary views women as innocent and a victim. Video and photographic proofs in support of that depend solely on the judge's discretion. The judge can simply set the proofs aside, saying these are fabricated.

But now India's National Commission for Women(NCW) wants to remove that adultery clause. In fact, NCW wants to go much ahead, as reported in the below news article. 

"(NCW) has suggested that apart from wife and children, a man should be liable to pay maintenance to stepchildren and stepparents, if any, and grandparents under section 125 of the code of criminal procedure (CrPc). In fact, NCW wants even adulterous women to be paid maintenance." 

and more..............
"The commission also wants the definition of wife to be expanded to include women who have lived with a man in a relationship in the nature of marriage or are wives under irregular or voidable marriages.
NCW has also proposed removing the word "illegimate" from section 125 (i) (b) and replacing it with "child", besides enlarging the section's purview to include adopted children and adult children who are unemployed and daughters who are unmarried."

God save the country. So if the wife is an immoral women, still the husband, has to cater to her demands. This is like rubbing salt on injury. 


  1. Hi my name is Sonali & I agree with this. Wanted to do something of my friend also suffering from this. I wanted to do something for him.

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