Who is responsible for the murder of Men in Muzaffarnagar ?

Recently there has been heavy bloodshed leading to the deaths of more then 38 men in  Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh. As per latest reports, the trigger was an alleged incident of eve teasing.
In recent times, media has completely blown out of proportion, news related to rape, molestation and associated sexual crimes. Media has strongly tried to create a propaganda, that sexual harassment of women is on the rise in India. Day and Night, rape is the only news that is being highlighted in media. These fake news has lead to a belief that Indian Men need to die to protect women from such alledged offences. Media is successful in creating the belief that only Men who protect women are "Real" Men. And these real men, need not be rational minded. If a women says that she had been sexually harassed, everyone needs to blindly believe her, and try to kill the alleged perpetrators, who have dis-honored the female. The media has been continuously supported by pervert left winged intellectuals in this propaganda.
This psyche is very dangerous, and the result was always predictable, that more violence would occur. The riots in Muzaffarnagar are a direct fallout of this heinous propaganda by the Indian media. More such bloodshed awaits India, if the reckless propaganda of protection of a women's honor at any cost, is allowed to continue. Watch any news channel, and the news reader is shouting hoarse to hang the rapist, that too after mutilating his private parts in public.  Such talibanization of the Indian society, will be catastrophic for India.


  1. Once I took an empty auto in Hyderabad. I was hungry so I was eating soemthing at the back seat. One man arrived with two women. All of them wanted to seat at the back seat, but I refused to go to the front. (in Hyd women always occupy back seat, even if they come late we go to the front w/o any question, but I didn't do that as my hands were full and I was eating.) That man came to beat me up with abuses ('Saale ladki ki baaju baithega')....as if I have molested one of them. you see misandry prevailing. Women are projected as GOD..

    1. Good observation, and nice stand. The women is not questioned, as to why she wants to sit besides a male. Sooner or later, these protectors, do get their dues.