Modi and Men as emotional fools

While many Men were salivating at the rumors of Modi government diluting the matrimonial laws. When it comes to favoring women, there are no rumors but direct action. As we saw today in the statement by Home Min. Rajnath Singh.
"Union Home Minister today said in that his department issued an advisory to state governments to ensure 33 per cent reservation for women up to Sub-Inspector level in state police."
In fact Gujarat has already done that

How easily BJP made a fool of Men. Still many Men believe that Men should trust Modi. Their argument is, he is a reasonable Men. We should have patience, Blah, Blah, and more BS. Emotional fools. It is this emotionally foolish mindset, which causes depression amongst Men. Even when the Modi government is openly screwing Men, Men want to believe that PM Modi will do good for them.

Look at how demanding women are, they are never apologetic. Women organization are very vocal and militant. They shamelessly ask for reservation as if it is their birthright. When all research has already proved, the hollowness of their claim. When a women hits a men, it is hailed as liberation for women. However, when a Men hits a women, he becomes an accused. And other Men are in the forefront of attacking him. In fact, other Men, to portray themselves as protector of women, go over the edge, and try to physically assault this Man. Other Men even feel ashamed, as if they have committed crime. It is this attitude of Men, which needs to be removed.

Men need to remove the negative feeling of being apologetic, for no fault of theirs. Men need to fight for their rights, and not wait for someone to drop crumbs in their plate.

Till the time, Men show such spineless attitude, acche din(Good Days) for Men will be a distant dream.

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  1. Sandesh..this kind of message is better delivered in fiction / stories. So write stories around the same and post that on blogger networks. You can add your news articles it will give your article a reality flavour..