Why Women are not Tigresses

Often women are called as tigresses. In the natural world tigresses are very courageous. Let's have a look at the qualities of tigresses.

Tigresses are independent. They do not depend on the male tiger for food.
Tigresses hunt alone and get food for themselves.
Tigresses take care of their cubs independently. They do not depend on the male tiger for anything.
Tigresses teach all the skills to their cubs themselves.
Tigresses can defend themselves from any danger. They do not depend on male tiger.
Tigresses do not depend on their father, husband or son to take care of them.
Tigresses do not depend on support of male tigers in hunting. Tigresses hunt alone.
Tigresses do not file cases on male tigers, when the male tigers leave them.
Tigresses do not beg for reservation or any other freebies.
Tigresses do not keep on highlighting that they are females and hence need to be respected.
Tigresses do not seek any freebies.
Tigresses do not falsely claim that male tigers have kept them captive.
Tigresses do not keep on bragging that how despite being a female they are so independent and take care of their cubs.
Tigresses do not brag about any of their qualities.
Tigresses do not whine that they are very powerful, but are prevented from doing anything by male tigers.

These qualities apply to all tigresses.

Does any of the above quality apply to whining women rights advocates ?

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