Cursed Indian Male

What does it means to be a male in Indian society. Add honesty, and integrity to it, and the result is a target, which is wide open for a free for all, harassment. If the male is married, and the wife is unscrupulous, the male better commit suicide, and that is what most Indian husbands are doing. We have a society, in which suicides of married husbands are double that of married women, and still he is brandished as the perpetrator. And to ensure that he is thoroughly given a hellish experience, right here on earth, the great Indian legal machinery is there to support the evil Indian wife. She has been equipped with very lethal and potent laws, 498a, DV, HMA, 406, DP, are few of them. This blog is a honest attempt to try to give my meagre contribution, to the battle against this evil.

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