A harassed Indian Father

Recently there is a nice programme on Zee Marathi, called "Yaala Jivan Aise Naav". Loosely translated as "This is what is called Life". The show is hosted by Renuka Shahane. The show is very down to earth, and it aims to put forth, problems suffered by common men. The show is characterized by it simplicity, and its direct to the problem approach, avoiding all the publicity gimmicks rampant nowadays.

In the episode on 6th February, a gentleman, by the name Purushottam Mahajan, had appeared on the show.
After hearing his plight, everyone's eye's were welled with tears, including the ever cheerful Renuka Shahane, even she couldn't control her tears. Even though the court, had granted visitation rights to this father, his wife, didn't allowed him access to his only son. It is more then 10 months, that this father, hasn't even had a glimpse of his only son, whom he so dearly loves. And the Family court hasn't even done anything, even when this is a glaring contempt of court. Such was the father-son bonding, that his little son, had himself, requested the marriage counsellor in court, to increase the visitation time, with his father. Whenever this father, used to visit his son, at his school, his son would point to his friends, and tell them, see " There comes my best friend !".

When his wife was leaving his house, the police had accompanied her. At that time, his son, requested the wife, that "Mummy, maybe, we shouldn't leave Papa's house". On hearing this, the cruel wife, started thrashing that 9 year old child, with her chappals. Such was the cruelty of the event, that even Police were moved.

Bowing to his wife's wishes, the husband, left his career in films, and took a job in a bank. He helped her start a beauty parlor. He tried to inculcate good values in her. He took her to places like British Library, etc, but she was never into it. In the mean time, she developed extra marital relationships with a police officer, which later she used to harass her husband. Not content with verbally abusing her husband, she used to physically abuse him too. Add to it, always insulting him, and his parents. In short, he had a hellish life.

Amongst all this it was SIFF, which offered him hope, and gave him the determination to fight against
this injustice. SIFF'ian Ajit Sakharkar helped him.

There are lacs of Indian husbands, who have the same plight, many are even worse then this. Atleast Mr. Purushottam got to vent his plight, but what about the lacs of others, who are suffering silently, and are on the way to commit suicide ? Does our so called great nation, has anything to offer solace to them ? Surprisingly, even though they are victim of domestic violence, Indian law, cannot help them in any way, since Indian legal system is of the view, that a husband, can never be harassed !

The videos are kept on youtube, at the below link,




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