Feminists lies - inflated numbers everywhere

An example of how feminists have this nasty habit of inflating numbers of crime against women, is given in the book freakonomics.

Women’s rights advocates, for instance, have hyped the incidence
of sexual assault, claiming that one in three American women will in their lifetime be a victim of rape or attempted rape. (The actual figure is more like one in eight—but the advocates know it would take a callous person to publicly dispute their claims.)

No wonder, same is done in India too, where cheats galore. Despite official government statistics too, pointing to misuse of laws intended to protect wives, these laws are becoming more stringent and stupid. The rate of suicide of husbands in India is almost  double that of married women. (57639 Males, to 30224 Females)
 Still the feminists are crying hoarse about suicides by Indian wives. Interestingly, amongst single males and females, the rate of suicide is

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