Indian Wife burn husbands genitals (in Australia)

In an extremely barbaric act an Indian wife, Rajini Narayan burnt her husband's genitals.

Rajini allegedly poured methylated spirits over her husband’s genitals before setting him on fire in December 2008. Satish then knocked over the bottle of spirits, leading to a fire that caused $1 million damage. He suffered major burns in the fire and died in hospital, themedia report said.

Last year, the court heard the claim that Rajini had confessed to the attack.

“My husband loves another woman, he hugs her. I’m a jealous wife, his penis should belong to me, I just wanted to burn his penis so it belongs to me and no one else,” she is alleged to have told neighbours.

Even though this extremely barbaric act cannot be justified at all. Many Indian women actually support her. Pity for Rajni, she committed this shameful act in Australia. Had she committed this in India, the Indian  feminists (aka feminazi's) would have ensured, that she goes scot-free.

 Have a look at the comments made by Indian women, supporting this evil women

 Many of them are justifying this act, showing how barbaric and mean, Indian wives are. Though I don't want to make a generalization, the fact remains, that it is the aussies, who have made balanced comments, and not Indians.

Indian laws are very much biased towards such unscrupulous wives. Search for 498a, Hindu Marriage Act, DV act.  A husband asking divorce is looked as if, he has committed a big crime. Indian legal system as a whole isn't at all democratic(civilized) in nature, and so is true about Indian society in general. Someone above has commented, that "divorce" is a civilized way. Try telling that to an Indian women, and see the reaction. From some of the comments in the post above, well anyone can gauge the level of civility that these Indian wives  have.

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