Shiney Ahuja and biased Indian laws

The recent case of Shiney Ahuja, has brought into spot light, how tyrannical Indian laws really are. His maid, who accused him of rape, later retracted her statement in the court.

For those, who are aware of cases of offenses against women, this was no surprise. In fact it is a standard practise in India, by unscrupulous (mostly young) women, to misuse laws, and file false caes to extort huge amount of money from the accused. Indian laws presume, before any investigation, that a complaint made by a women of harassment against a men is genuine.
Most of these laws are very strict, bail is not so easy to get. Shiney Ahuja, with all his money and fame, still had to spend 100+ days in prison. Image, what is the plight of millions languishing in Indian prisons, under such false cases. Will it be surprising, if atleast some amongst these millions decide to react for all the atrocities committed on them ? It is not surprising, then, that the Indian legal system is good at creating criminals.

Add to it, we have incompetent and corrupt judges, who add to the misery of innocent accused. With all the trial by media, and sex starved Indian society, the innocent accused is driven to despair. No wonder India, has such a high rate of suicides amongst males, in the age group of 20 to 50.

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