Why institution of marriage came into being ???

A legend goes, as to how the institution of marriage was created.

There was a sage called Uddalaka. He had a son called Swetaketu.  Swetaketu was a small boy aged about eight  or 10 years.  Uddalaka was making morning oblations to the Sun God.  His wife was supplying water  to him.  While the oblations were continuing, another Brahmin came and made a proposition to the lady  that  they  should  go  together  for sexual intercourse  and  the lady readily agreed.  The boy was taken aback and Swetaketu told his father:  "How is it that you have allowed my mother  to  go with another  man?"  The father, Uddalaka says:  "Boy, that is the rule of the land." But Swetaketu did not agree.  At a later stage, he became a great sage. He  wrote  an  Upanishad  also  and  he  propounded  the   first   theory   of Uddalaka-Swetaketu principles  where  in  adultery was prohibited. 

As can be seen from above, that an adulterous women, was what prompted creation of institute of marriage. Also it was initiated by a son, who wanted his parents to stay with him. However, when he drafted the laws, he didn't got prejudiced, and made the law gender neutral, i.e. he forbade adultery by both the husband and wife.

However, centuries later, (rather more then 2 millennium) when Hindu Marriage Law (HMA), was drafted, it didn't forbade made adultery by a wife a crime. But ironically, the law said that, if a wife commits adultery, the man with whom, she commits adultery is the guilty person. The law takes the view, that the wife is innocent, and has been deceived :) Probably the law makers were too prejudiced, with what was happening in their own lives.

HMA also favors wives, when custody of children is given, when couples seperate. Which in itself, negates the whole concept of marriage.

All this, made one very highly knowledgeable person, remark (before 1983)
"Marriage has became nothing more then institutionalized prostitution."


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    this is anie k subramanian. Somebody pl tell me, Who is the bastard, found out marriage?

  2. "Spirit of Relation" matter to both man&woman than this stupid institution of marriage.

    Time to break this stupid thing.

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  4. Hence Sanatan Dharma DO NOT have concept of Divorce & Maintainace ;)