Should Death by Stoning be Introduced ?

It seems many people are eager to introduce the heinous punishment of, death by stoning. Most likely many of your friends, might have the same views too.

 Recently some person, had posted a picture, which depicted a man, dragging a girl by the hair, the caption was "0MG! This GUY must be St0ned to Death for doing this to a GIRL!"
Surprisingly this pic, was circulated quickly, and gathered a  fan following in 10's of thousands, very quickly. The people who supported this, can be easily termed as cold-blooded. Simply by seeing a picture, of which they do not have any context, no verification, whether it is a fake or not, they readily believed it. And they even supported stoning the guy to death. Wow. Many (sick) guys would have supported it, to show to their female friends, how much they care about girls. Is there any difference between taliban, and the supporters of such pic ?

In many developed countries, capital punishment is banned, however serious the crime be. But here people have pronounced a very cruel way of capital punishment, for pulling hair.

If you are really in a bad mood, and want to kick anyone's ass, I would say, people who liked this crap pic, should be on top of your list.

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