Tolerance for legal terrorists (and their supporters) ?

Normally everywhere the norm is now, zero tolerance for sexual harassment. In India, what this means is particularly zero tolerance, for any even suggestive action against young females. Indian law, identifies this female, as young female, and mostly a wife. The law is trying to be more broad, and broaden the base of what it means by  "females". There is a huge industry around,  which has got its own vested interests (with of course not so honest motives) in shaping the opinion of general public, as to how these venerable females need to be showered with protection, care, benefits, etc. These people, are very much behind  campaigns like Domestic Violence Against Women(Bell Bajao), Save the Girl Child, etc. On the face of this, even though this campaigns sound, very noble, they are not. If you do a little surface scratching, you easily understand the sham behind all these campaigns. Keep in mind, all these campaigns are funded by the money of tax payers. Money is just one aspect of it. The social implications, of this feminist onslaught is catastrophic. Take a look at western europe. By some estimates, due to low birth rate, we will start to see the end of western civilization as we know of. (males aren't marrying, due to feminist laws, resulting in low birth rates, and resulting in declining population). Thanks to the feminazi's, the same disease has taken firm roots in India.

It is the feminists, who are spreading the poison of  misandry (male hatred), and worse are those, who blindly believe them. The ones, who support them, are equally evil, because, without their support, these feminists, won't make much headway. Silent supporters of evil, are equally evil, history is  testimony to that. This evil nexus needs to be broken.

Well of course, we need to weed out this evil. And do we need to show any tolerance to those who perpetrate this evil ? Of course NOT. We need to have a zero tolerance policy against the perpetrators of legal terrorism, and also those, who are silent supporters.

Note - I will keep updating this post.

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