Why did the family committed suicide

Recently in Pune, four members of a family(a man, his brother, and parents) committed suicide.




Though, whoever heard about it, sympathized about the family, many were in self denial about the real cause of the suicide. The man had written a well thought out and very elaborate, five page will before dying. Both the man and his brother were very well educated, and had been very succesful in their respective careers. They were in a very good financial condition. Then why did they committed suicide ?

To the honored, dishonor is worse than death.
  - Bhagwad Gita (2.34)

Turned out, that the man had been married last year. The marriage didn't turned out well. The wife started tormenting the husband. She even went to his office, and created a fracas, over there, to embarrass him. She threatened to file a police complaint against him. Unable to bear the agony, he and his family committed suicide.

Hmm, sounds crazy, and hard to believe ? Well in that case, you must not have heard about the dreaded Indian Penal Code, Section 498A. This tyrannical law was passed in the year  1983, by the Indian Parliament. The goal behind enacting this law, was to curb  "dowry menace". Since according to propaganda (as shown in various films, and newspapers, of that time) Daughter In Law, was the most harassed species on earth. So the law was made very harsh. It gave the power to any Indian wife to go to local Police Station, and lodge a complaint against her husband, and any of his relatives. Upon such a complaint, the police were duty bound to arrest the husband, and anyone, who has named by the abla naari. In legal terms, this is called, cognizable, and non-bailable.

As time passed on, many unscrupulous Indian wives discovered, that they can simply go to any police station in India, and lodge a complaint against their husbands. The law made it mandatory, that the wife can lodge the complaint, in any corner of the country. The police had to take the complaint, and act. Unless though, the husband, is a politician, and has got money and connections.

Quite obviously the main victims of this tyrannical law, were honest, straight forward husbands, and their family members. With the growth in knowledge about this deadly legal provision, thousands of cases started being filed, across the country. The result - in the last ten years, more then a million men (11,01,337) and 3,24,951 women have been arrested,  The fact, that more then 98% of these people got acquitted is testimony to the fact, that most of these cases were false.
It comes without saying, that all these abla naari's go scot free, after filing all these false cases.

Since society views that "no smoke without fire". But society doesn't realizes that in matrimonial issues,  wherein most of the cases due to minor ego issues, cases are lodged, doesn't means that husband should be sent to jail.

Below link, gives good analysis, of what kind of wife lodges a 498A case.

It is no wonder that 498A is always preceded with the word false, and these cases are termed as false 498A. One can do a thesis on this. In fact, one person, already has on some aspect of these.

Repealing of this tyrannical law will be a fitting tribute, to the victims of the suicide.

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