How you can stop the suicides

Since there is a mass tyranny going on in India, due to the legal terrorism unleashed on millions of people. Some people started voicing their concern, and are fighting against this unjust law (IPC 498A). After years of steady efforts(and thousands of suicides), the government, has finally decided to have a re-look at this tyrannical law. Currently it is pending before law commission. Though the govt won't repeal this unjust law, it is the duty of every responsible citizen, to voice their concern against such unjust laws. 

 Below is a link on the law commission website, which has a questionnaire on their website.

 Request  you to please reply to that. Below is one such reply.

You can take copies of this, and add your Name, Address, Signature, etc, and send it t, the below address

498A questionnaire reply
LAW COMMISSION OF INDIA, 2nd Floor,  The Indian Law Institute Building
(Opp. to Supreme Court), Bhagwandas Road, New Delhi - 110 001.

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