Is Delhi the r*pe capital or wh*re capital

The Indian media has painted Delhi as the rape capital of India. This slander has mainly been spread by cheap journalists. Majority of these journo's  are losers, incompetent, don't want to do hard work, and are always looking for easy and spicy news items. To the uninformed,  most of these rape cases are false. (If you are interested, dig around for facts.)

 Yesterday, this news caught my attention
 It was about a murder of a women and her daughter.The duo was found murdered in their home. The daughter was earlier involved in an MMS campaign. She had circulated MMS of another girl. (Note - Majority of so called crime against females are perpetrated by females only). Now comes the interesting part. The news report at the end said "The police also recovered around 150 condom packets from the house and were probing its connection with the murders."
 Certainly these women weren't running AIDS awareness campaign, to stockpile so many condoms.
Would it be a possibility that it is a case of a deal went bad, and the women in question threatened to cry "rape". Given that majority of the rape cases are false, this is a strong possibility. And the person(maybe a gentlemen) in question,  might have thought it better to shut these women, rather then face the ignominy of being labeled as a "rapist" !!!
Given India's draconian rape laws, this is very much a possibility. And more and more men, might take this extreme step, rather then get screwed by the tyrannical laws.

Despite all of this, unfortunately instead of being called the "whore" capital, Delhi is being called as the "rape" capital.

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  1. Present media is fully corrupted, They are feminism biased too. These corrupted media people are earning lot of money from Scandinavian countries like Sweden for spreading out lies about sexuality and male hatred attitudes.