Damaging environment helps Women Empowerment ?

Lavasa - one look at this project, and if you are conscious of your surrounding environment, you will realize the environmental disaster that this project has wrecked. There is lot of opposition amongst the locals, since this project has been created on land, forcefully taken  from farmers for the greater good. The project is for the richie rich, by ruthlessly damaging the fragile ecosystem there.

Many morons think that women generally are more environmentally sensitive, that they are less corrupt, etc, then men. With these so called "grand" positives, you will expect the "empowered" women to oppose this project. Lets check the reality. Have a look at the Lavasa Womens Drive. This event is a car rally from Mumbai/Pune to Lavassa. It is an all women event. It serves two lofty purposes. To promote Lavasa, and showcases "women power".  The participating women are all "achievers" in real life.
Vehicles are notorious for pollution. What better ways to help nature, then by emitting pollutants in an environmentally sensitive area. Google search yourself, and see these empowered women in action.

While the likes of those opposing Lavasa get little publicity, such empowered women, easily get publicity.
Crux of the matter is women empowerment is nothing but a sham, to gain cheap publicity and mislead people. One politician very closely related to Lavasa is spreading the myth of female foeticide in Maharashtra. And so are these empowered women. God Save India and Indian Men.

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