Satyamev Jayate and the art of False Propaganda

This blog post is dedicated to the arm-chair, self-proclaimed conscious social activist. Please read this ENTIRE post before commenting.....
*.) On 6th May, I saw the episode of "Satyamev Jayate"(SJ) on TV. Female foeticide was the topic. I nearly cried seeing the episode. Girls  are being killed in their mothers womb. Amir Khan did a fantastic job. I was horrified to learn about this ancient practise still being carried out in modern day India. Helpless abla naari's are forced to abort their child. What an evil society (sob sob). The episode was a real eye opener.
 They showed how male:female ratio is getting lop sided. Grooms aren't finding brides because of all this female foeticide. Thus adding to the problem in a "sex-starved" country. Suddenly it struck me, if I go outside my house, I see mostly males everywhere. Where  have all the ladies gone ? In buses, on roads, in offices, everywhere males are more in number then women. My God, how ignorant of me, how come I didn't realized this. That's why, No "nayan sukh" tch tch.
 I browsed through their website, and pledged my support to the cause. I posted my comment. I felt better.  I have done my small bit for the cause. Well done Amir. I will try spreading the word. STOP killing the GIRL child.

*.) Indira Gandhi 
 So well entrenched is the male dominance in this country, that women face an uphill task proving themselves in this country. Take the e.g. of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. Only because of this lady's charisma, the Congress party could win elections. But still she couldn't become the PM, when she had every right to it. Issues about her foreign origin were raised. Clearly overlooking the fact, that her stay in India is more then in Italy. Even now, this same male dominated society is okay to accept her son Rahul, but her highly talented daughter Priyanka has been kept away from politics. Indira Gandhi, was similarly taunted as "Goongi Goodiya" meaning dumb doll. Keep in mind, that this same, dumb doll, handed Pakistan a crushing defeat. No male Indian PM has been ever able to equal her feat. Shame to the gender-biased Indian people, sorry men.

*.) Every now and then there are rape stories in the media. One survey had concluded that India was the 4th most dangerous place for women, in the whole world. Shame on Indian men. They are no.1 lechers and not content with being lecher, if they see, any gullible women, their first thought is to rape them.

*.) Bride burning
 From the book, Super Freakonomics  - "More then 100,000 young Indian women die in fires every year, many of them "bride burnings" or other instances of domestic abuse.
 This is just the tip of the iceberg. Amir Khan must create one more episode on this.

*.) Aryan Invasion Theory 
   The local people in India were an uncivilized lot. Hence the Aryans had to come down to educate these people (or rather beasts). The Aryans transformed the culture of this country from being uncivilized adivasis to one of the most advanced culture in the world at that time. However with time, all that the Aryans taught was forgotten, and thousands of years later, it took the British to reform this country. Had the British not arrived in India, India would have never caught up with the world in the area of science, and all aspects of modern civilization.
Conclusion ::  India is really an evil country. India is the worlds biggest arms importer, and preaches peace to the world, what a hypocrisy. The USA should probably nuke this country alongwith Af-Pak.  That would solve most of the world's problem. This area is a hot bed of problem for the world.

Please note, that all of the above are equally true (or equally false). If your believe in one, you believe in ALL of these. Some people would agree with some, and disagree with some. If you agree with any of these, please continue reading below.
 The intelligent person would easily know, the true facts, and that all of the above examples are plain bull crap.

*.) Female foeticide
   There are stringent laws in place to tackle this so-called fantasy.
   IPC - 313. A mere verbal complaint by any women, that she was forced to abort her child, can land whoever she accuses in jail. Whether her accusations are true or false, is a subject matter of trial. The very trials, which are slow and torturous. The punishment for this offence is 10 years to life imprisonment.  
 Propaganda is that female infanticide is going on for centuries. Then by this time, female species should have had vanished in India (or atleast some parts of it)  ?
 If the gender ratio is so lop sided, then common sense would tell that demand for brides would be higher and dowry would be given to girl's family, isn't it ? Still AK shows how prevalent dowry practise is in India, and how girls family is harassed.
 Covered more in depth by Virag

*.) Bride Burning

*.) Rape Stories
 Please wait, the Indian govt is working on introducing new laws to curb this menace. It might help you to know, that majority of the rape cases are found to be of consensual intercourse. Just deal gone bad. Do RTI and collect your own data. Even google will show you some data. Check judgements on rape cases - both acquittals and convictions.

*.)  Indira Gandhi - She was very eager to attack Pakistan, at that very moment. But the then army chief convinced her to wait, and prepare well. He won the war, and accolades went to Indira. She was called Devi(Goddess), etc. What the army won during war, was lost by Indira at the discussion table with Pakistan. During her rule, sycophancy had reached its peak. If you read current news, you yourself decide about Sonia Gandhi and Congress.

*.)  Aryan Invasion Theory

Hope in the future, you will use your brains first, before jumping to conclusion on false propaganda like "Female Foeticide".

The problem most people in India have is that the show is conducted by Amir Khan(AK). AK is a good actor. But being a good actor, doesn't means, he is conscious about the social reality. Majority of the Indians take the criticism directed towards AK as very personal. When emotions run high, objectivity is normally the first casualty. If people don't have the stomach to face opposing views, such people shouldn't speak/debate about social issues. Most of these AK fans are arm chair activists.
The AK fans say, he is spreading awareness. Fact is, AK is earning money, out of pain inflicted on society. This is actually a severe form of moral corruption. More to say, but tired of the tirade now :)

Please stop spreading misandry (male hatred)

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