The false propaganda of Crime Against Women

If a women hurts/cheats another women, shall it be labelled as crime against women ?  Yes it is. However, for all crime against women, Men are held responsible, and laws are enacted to that effect, to harass Men. Going by the same logic, when a man is hurt/harassed, it should be labelled as crime against men. And should laws be framed to hold women responsible for that ? And going by numbers, crime against men is a much much bigger issue, then crime against women. Please refer for statistics.

The general perception is that crime against women, necessarily means that a man, must have harassed an abla naari. Going by reality on ground, this is very incorrect. Unfortunately by reality, people today believe, what is shown in media. Media doesn't show reality, they show, news items, that are spicy(aka yellow journalism).  A news like "girl molested/raped" gets more viewership, then one, which says, "farmer used innovative techniques to improve crop production". So media tries hard to find news about women being harassed. And if they don't find one, they stage it.As is evident from the recent news about molestation in Assam.   Crime against Men, well people don't even think about it, since it is not so spicy. Not a spicy topic to do time pass discussion.

Crime against women, very clearly implies, that don't treat women as equal to men. Such narrow minded classifications, are orthodox, and regressive. Normally the self proclaimed women reformers are in the forefront, of always, classifying anything related to women in a very perverted manner. This is very dangerous for society, and is very destructive.A glaring example of this destruction, is the huge number of male suicides in India. Due to the biased Indian laws, tens of thousands of crores are wasted due to lost productivity of Men who get caught in false cases of crime against women.

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  1. All of these hypocritical theories are coming from feminism. Feminists want to fight against men and male sexuality more safely.