Indian Husband has to pay salary to wife !!!

Yeah, you read it right, quantify and pay salary to housewives.
There is good news for housewives as they are likely to get monthly income from their husbands. The Union Ministry of Women and Child Development is mulling to prepare a draft in this regard.Very soon, the housewives will be paid for their hard work in line with the working women. The ministry is drafting a proposal to empower women. The proposal will be introduced soon before the Union Cabinet. Once the proposed bill becomes the law, it will become mandatory for the husband to pay a definite amount of his salary to his wife each month.

Consider what will happen, if this becomes a law. By quantifying such a thing, the government is shaming wives the most. If you start paying money to the services rendered by everyone in your family, it will negatively impact the emotional bonding between family members.  Tomorrow, they will force husbands to pay their wives, for any (physical) pleasure(even if they don't get)  that they can derive from her.

If your wife is earning handsomely, don't think, that you are safe from such crooked laws. The lawmakers ensure, that each wife, whether she is earning or not, gets her (un)fair share from her husband. And if the wife is going to get the money for free, a good percentage of them, would try to get it.

The Indian govt is hell bent on turning the institute of marriage into institutionalized prostitution. The above news is a step in that direction. And this is not the only step that the govt has taken. Already India has a  whole basket of matrimonial laws, which provides unscrupulous wives various ways to extort money from husbands. HMA 24 and 25, Domestic violence act, CrPC 125, proceedings under restitution of marriage - HMA 9, the soon to be enacted Marriage Ammendment Bill, and so on.

With such incentives, it is not surprising that many wives would rather just sit idle, and get free doles from their husbands, with the kind blessings of the Indian judicial system.  And all this under the guise of women empowerment !!!

By breaking the family system, the government will have more control over people. Since with the family  system gone,  government can more easily exploit people.

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