Why are anti male laws created in India ?

The Indian government and  publicity hungry feminists(Krishan Tirath, Renuka Chaudhary, et al) are hell bent on destroying the Indian family system.
Aesops fables teach us a lot, below is a very beautiful story, as to why the feminists are hell bent on destroying the Indian family system.

The Fox without a Tail 

One day a fox was out walking when suddenly he heard a loud snapping noise and felt a sharp pain in his rear.
“Ooooow!!!!” howled the fox, tears coming to his eyes. “That hurts. Ooooow!!!
The fox looked behind him and saw his tail was caught in a trap. He struggled and struggled to get free but his tail was firmly stuck in the jaws of the trap.
With one last frantic effort the fox used all his strength and broke free.
“Ooooow!!!!” howled the fox as he looked behind him and saw his tail still stuck in the trap. All he had left was a little stump on his backside.
“My tail, my beautiful fluffy tail. What will I do?” he cried. “How will I face all the other foxes without my beautiful tail? It will be so embarrassing.”
The fox thought and thought and finally came up with a plan.
He called all the other foxes together for a meeting.
When the other foxes saw the little stump on his backside they began to laugh.
“I've cut off my tail on purpose and I want you all to do the same” he yelled over the laughter.
Fox“A large tail is more trouble than it's worth”, he shouted. “When we're being chased by dogs it gets in the way, and when we get together for a talk you never know what to do with it. Do you wrap it around your feet, do you sit on it, or do you leave it out for some one to trip over?” asked the fox.
“So now is the time to free yourself from your tail and join me in a tailless society.”
One of the older foxes shook his head and said, “You wouldn’t be saying that if you still had a beautiful tail. You’re only saying that out of your own self interest and because you’re embarrassed.”
All the other foxes walked off laughing with their big bushy tails proudly pointing upwards.
The End
What is the moral of this story?
Do not trust some one with self-interest
Misery loves company
Losing a tail is embarrassing.

The attitude of so called liberated feminists is same as the fox with broken tail. An analysis shows that the family life of these women is all screwed up. They don't have a good family life. Hence they always paint men as evil, who should suffer. And they want the same to happen in other households. Because of their own selfish attitude and misandry (male hatred), they are hell bent on making insane laws like "paying salary to house wives". Not content with making Indian men insecure at home, the "sexual harassment at workplace Bill" is going to make life more difficult for Indian men at workplace.

Be a proud fox, and destroy the feminist rants about how women are routinely oppressed, when it is a known fact, that in India, women are more powerful then men. (e.g. Sonia Gandhi, Sushma Swaraj, etc)

It is time, that the general public recognize the true intent of these evil legislations, which are supposed to protect women, but in reality do nothing, but harass innocent men, and increase their suicide count.

Please join the Save Indian Family movement, and raise your voice today, since tomorrow may be too late !!!


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  1. Its shame on our Govt who is provoking women, housewives to file false cases on husband and family. By these biased approach they are breaking the families. Divorce rate in our country has increased drastically because of this biased laws. Men and their families has become desperately helpless and tagged as criminals. Even murderers and terrorist are also getting justice in the name of human rights violation but husband and family members are being treated like criminals. False complaints in police and false statements in court by scrupulous women are accepted blindly in our system like "harishchandra statement". The western culture and biased laws imposed by our feminist group in WCD, NCW and law ministry in our country had brought a havoc in Indian family system. If immediate steps are not taken to amend 498a, DV act, Maintanace laws, etc. then Husband has to kill himself or kill the opposite. Already suicide rates of husband had increased drastically in our country. We hope that NCW, WCD, Law Ministry, Judges, Police, etc will open their ears and eyes to give justice WITHOUT ANY DELAY to save the culprits.