Does crime has a gender ?

Majority of the people, think that criminality is associated with the male gender. A direct reflection of this is the lenient attitude shown towards female criminals. There is a thinking that, if a female, has done any crime, it would be always because of some obligation, and not because of her own "free will".

There is another widespread view, that in some societies and religions, women are treated in a sub human way, and are denied basic rights, and violence is committed on them. Many of these idiots do not know, the real facts. For example the first suicide bomber used against Israel, was a female. Now how come in a society where women are said to be oppressed, confined only to their houses, would be able to do such a act. The feminists have no sound argument to counter this. All they can do is misguide the general public.
Female suicide bombers are almost everywhere. India's ex-prime minister Rajiv Gandhi, was killed by a female suicide bomber. In Tihar jail in Delhi, 46% of murder convicts are women. And even if a women kills her newborn, that is okay, which is what had happened in Thane.  The judgement is uploaded here. See how inferences are drawn, when the accused is a women.

When there is any news, in which a women is at the receiving end. Even if the perpetrators are women, people start shouting that women need to be protected, and anti-male laws are demanded. This pervert demand stems from the mentality  that only males are criminal. Such male hatred needs to be stopped.

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