Being objective is termed as anti-women

During any gender debate, if you put unbiased thoughts about equality. That men and women should have equal rights and responsibilities too. You will be immediately termed as anti-women. Things have gone to such extreme, that even if you ask for basic rights for Men, and don't say anything about women. The first query, that is often put up is "Are you anti-women" ?  On the other hand, those who bash up males and put up extremely biased anti-male thoughts are hailed as social reformers.

If one looks at the real facts, like the constantly growing suicide of Men in India. If one tries to spread awareness about how men are over stressed in all spheres of life, and which is causing this silent genocide of men. Still the first query, that is often put up is "Are you anti-women" ?

If you objectively try to fight for Mens Rights, you will be always be labeled as anti-women by majority of the public. Why do people think that being objective is "anti-women". There are several reasons for that. We live in a society which is very gender biased, and heavily sympathetic to women. Add to it, from childhood, minds are poisoned against males. Human civilization has still to mature, to truly understand the meaning of equality. Till the time, that maturity comes, Mens Rights Activists (MRA's) will always be termed as anti women.

But are MRA's concerned about this narrow minded view of the society ?  Well of course not. Since MRA's know, that human civilization has not yet matured, and it will take years to shed thousands of years of cultivated anti-male hatred (misandry). If anyone is terming MRA's as anti-women. It is the incorrect perspective of the male hater. Hopefully with efforts of MRA's, we will live in a society, where there will be gender equality.


  1. Nice thoughts!!!! Hope every body understand this.....because as us said that since Childhood Men are thought to sacrifice, make adjustment, male hater, being protector and provider....

    But today's scenario with all bias laws in India its really a curse for Indian Men to be Indian

  2. yar, the society has become feminist it will take time to change the thought only when many more men are put to hell will the men commiunity understand what they r now supporting is false..we must support equality not feminity...