Indian mother sells baby boy to buy mobile phone, jeans and tops

An Indian mother sold her baby boy, for Rs. 5000 (less then $100).

the money was used to buy a mobile phone and a pair of jeans among other things. "Rakhi Patra of Mundamala village who sold her 17 month-old son for Rs 5,000 purchased a new mobile phone, a pair of jeans, few new tops (to go with the jeans) and memory cards for her mobile with the money," Jajpur superintendent of police Deepak Kumar said on Wednesday.

And further
Rejecting the mother's claim that she sold the child to meet the legal expenses of her jailed husband, Kumar said her new acquisitions were evidence of the fact that she did not sell her baby boy due to poverty.
...The woman refused to take back her son after police handed her the boy after recovering him from Cuttack on Tuesday.

Now in place of the baby boy, if it would have been a baby girl, imagine what would have had happened ? The news would have been plastered over everywhere. News media would be full of reports, as to how girl child are treated in an in-humane way in India.  How the gender ratio is so skewed in India. How girls are unwanted, blah blah blah.

Now this women has acted in an inhuman way and lied. But don't think, that she has committed any offense. Since it is a well settled principle of law in India, that women cannot commit any offense. And if she does, that would be because of some grave compulsion. And if anyone presses for charges against her, that person will be termed as "Anti-Women".

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