Indian women crushes skull of her three month old daughter, but pleads innocence

An Indian women crushed  her daughters head, which resulted in the death of the three month old child. Inspite of this in-humane act, the so-called social liberators in India, are out to defend the women.
Dharmishta told the cops that Aahuti had been crying incessantly and she couldn't take it anymore. In a fit of rage, she crushed the child's head while Aahuti was nuzzling up to her on September 23. Later she also crushed the infant's body, fracturing her ribs and spine.

As usual, the police have filed complaint against the father too. Even though the father was unaware of his wife's cruel acts. 

Despite this gory act, Indian media is shamelessly trying to defend the women. Even though the perpetrator of the crime is a women, this is portrayed as a "Crime against women".  And trying to somehow  implicate the father too. Even when it is clear that the father was totally unaware of his wife's misdeeds
The violence inflicted on three-month-old Aahuti Joshi by her parents. 

The outcome of this gruesome incident  is very predictable. The women in question will be acquitted, or let away with some very minor punishment. As was seen in the below case where the women, had mercilessly killed the infant, by fracturing its skull.

The judgement for this case is uploaded on google docs.

Even with all such events, Indian society still cannot believe that  "A women can be a criminal"

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