The nonsense called "Reservation for Women"

In Pune(India), public buses entirely reserved for women have been launched. The authorities recruited and selected women conductors for these buses. Already in all public transport buses, 50% of the seats are reserved for female passengers. On one hand, there is a huge false propaganda, that the ratio of females is declining. Then why flat 50% reservation for women. Add to that, most of the people traveling are males. This makes the reservation for women pure nonsense. Even if an elderly male seats on these women only seats, normally young women would make the elderly man vacate the seat. This is the shameful "Women Power".  (In Marathi)

 TOI printed this story, but seemed ashamed to print, that women conductors had left their job immediately after just three days of service.

Why did these women conductors quit their job ? The primary reason being, that  women in general don't want responsibility. They don't want stressful jobs. They are mostly interested in non-stressful desk jobs. Add to it,  they know, that in general women are impolite and intolerant. It is much more easy to handle men. And more importantly,  women get harassed most from women. Hence women try to avoid each other, and hide behind men. If Indian women are so capable, why do they always run away from stressful jobs ?

Such reservation for women, is a very cheap gimmick. Even though majority of the workforce is male. That too, those who are involved in hard physically demanding jobs are mostly men. So who needs more travelling comfort, Men or Women ?  Most of the money that the public transport system makes, comes from men's pocket. And it is shamelessly splurged on facilities for lazy women. These women are really woe-men  (You are free to interpret :))

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