Taliban style Rape Law in India

Yes, its true. Indian laws related to sexual offense (against women) are very similar to Taliban. The only difference being that in India, you replace male with female. In fact, the Indian laws are worse then the Taliban implemented sharia law.

Under Taliban law, rape can only be proven if the rapist confesses or if there are four male witnesses.
Under Indian law, if any women says she has been raped by a man. The man is convicted solely on the basis of the verbal testimony of the women.
Refer Indian Penal Code 375, 376. Indian Evidence Act 114A, and 146.

Some salient points about how the Indian courts consider arguments in rape cases.
- Mere verbal statement of any women is sufficient to start criminal proceedings against any man (of any nationality) in India. The words of the women are taken as gospel truth.
- Even if the women admits that the physical relationship was consensual. And she later wants to press rape charges, she can do so.
- If the women has NO injury marks, nor even bruises on her body. Indian courts view that such arguments do not deny the fact that she was raped.
- No women would ever lie about rape. So if she says, rape has happened, and even if there is no other evidence against the accused. The accused will be convicted. No DNA, or any other evidence is required. If there are lapses in the prosecution story, they are to be overlooked.
- If the accused tries to point finger at the character of the women. It will weigh heavily against him.
- The names and photos of the accused get published in news media. And even if the accused are acquitted, the name of the complainant remains secret.
- The accused remains in jail, throughout the trial. Only if the accused has tons of money, contacts, can he get bail. Else he will rot in jail. (In the TISS rape cases, all the accused were acquitted. But they had to rot in jail for the entire duration of trial. No apologies from the legal system for the torture they had to undergo.)

The Indian Supreme Court, has constantly reiterated all of the above in its judgements, and continues to do so.

Research has shown that most complaints of rape in India are fake.  A careful look at the all the major rape cases, shows the true nature of these fakes charges. Take for example, the Hinjewadi rape case. Despite no evidence of rape, the accused were convicted. There were plenty of gaps in the prosecution theory, all of which were overlooked. The judgement is available online. Such kind of judgements are a shame to any civilized society.

The Indian male mentality is very much like a dog. When dogs are copulating, other dogs don't like that, and start barking. Same is the case here. Whenever news of rape is published, passionate views flood the media house through web and SMS. A common, strong demand is to hang the accused, stone them in public, cut off his genitals, etc. And to torture them in the worst possible manner. These comments are based totally on the headline of a rape news. For the masses, the accused are already convicts.


  1. Very Very very well written cursedmale about the cursed society of India which is cursed by Feminists.

  2. The rape law should be gender netural, as per law a women rape a man, but the case filed against men only. If women do not rape man why they afrid? In the name of marrage sex is rape as per law, but for women the same not rape..why? If women dump men it is her brith right?