Women throws her just born baby boy from third floor

A women in the Indian city of Surat, threw her just born baby boy, out of her window, resulting in its tragic death.

In a chilling incident, a newborn baby boy died after he was flung from the third floor of an apartment by his mother in Puna area. ....
"Pooja has admitted to throwing the baby. We suspect that she did not want a child within a year of marriage," police inspector of Puna police station M N Parmar said.
According to police, neighbours and eye-witnesses called the ambulance service and admitted the newborn to Surat Municipal Corporation's SMIMER Hospital. However, the child did not survive. The incident was brought to light by one of her neighbours Vasubhai Sabalpara, who also lodged a complaint in this regard.

Just watched this on a news channel. The women was interviewed, and admitted that she threw the baby, from their apartment on third floor, out on the streets. A crowd had gathered outside the house, after the baby was thown down.

This incident again highlights how cruel women can be, and that crime is not associated with any gender. The orthodox view in India, is that a Mother is to be revered and she can never do anything wrong. The integrity of a mother should never be questioned. And this presumption is blindly applied to all women. Specifically to a wife. Killing of newborns, by their own mother is not new. http://cursedmale.blogspot.in/2012/10/indian-women-crushes-skull-of-her-three.html . However due to the orthodox mindset of Indian public, general public still aren't prepared to face the fact. Such news is received with sheer dis-belief. If it had been a baby-girl, they would have said, she was pressurized for giving birth to a girl. Now in this case, it is a boy, and the media is not highlighting the gender of the infant. Sheer nonsense arguments are put up to defend the women is question. Hope people stop portrayal of women always as abla-naari's (Helpless women) who do crime only because of duress.

Just imagine, what would have happened, if the genders of all in this scenario  would be reversed. Then it would had been the breaking news in media. Women organizations would have demanded a law to be framed, to keep fathers away from their newborns, the father, and his family members would have been beaten to pulp, and so on. But just because the accused is a young women, she is receiving sympathetic treatment.

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