Is Amir Khan the poster boy of immoral elements in our society ?

Amir Khan fans won't like the title. Please read on.

Amir Khan spent two years on the movie Ghazni. And what's so great about that film. It portrays that how for just one female, he kills scores of Men. Some social justice this guy preaches. Ghazni is all about male-hatred. Then suddenly he worked on Satyamev Jayate. In which he deliberately spread false propaganda about how females are harassed in India. For that show, some Men were interviewed, but their stories didn't got broadcasted. There are multiple reasons as to why the stories of these harassed men, were ommitted by Mr. Khan and his team.
First, stories of men being harassed don't get good TRP's. Truth be damned. And since his show needs TRP's, he wasn't interested in showing the other side. Second, Indian society views that females are always the harassed gender. if this viewpoint is challenged, it faces extremely vitriolic criticism. It needs courage, to face such criticism. Unfortunately Mr. Khan doesn't has the courage, to go against the conventional view.

I don't blame him entirely for this. He is part, or I can say poster boy of the immoral elements in our society. These elements love to talk about lofty ideals. They have a very  "holier then thou" attitude. However most of these elements are arm-chair activist. Sometimes they will make rare appearances in some protest marchs, to show in media, how they are for morals/ideals. Apart from tall hollow talk, they do little good for the society. They don't have any desire to make a better society. Even when made aware of the real problem, they deliberately ignore it. They are more concerned about their own narrow gains. They want people to believe in non-existent problems, watch TV, and feel good that by watching TV, they have contributed to a social cause. Thus this exposes their phony side.

Against this backdrop, Men's Rights activists in India, have rightly decided to boycott Amir Khan's movie Talaash. People like him, think that they can do any nonsense and get away with it. Time to show him what ordinary people with courage can do.

Men’s rights activists across India have decided to boycott Aamir Khan’s upcoming movie Talaash to protest against the Bollywood actor’s portrayal of men as villains in his TV show Satyameva Jayate. They have launched an SMS and online campaign to urge men not to watch the movie.
“We are not against this movie but against Aamir Khan who portrayed husbands and men as culprits in Satyameva Jayate,” said Virag Dhulia, a techie and head of gender studies at men’s rights organisation Confidare Research.
Virag added, “Aamir has given false statistics in his episodes about women’s suicide and domestic violence. According to union home ministry’s data, 62,000 men commit suicide in the country every year. He has not shown the truth about male suicides. He should have also called us and we would have explained the truth. ”
He alleged that Aamir showed false statistics that one in every two women was a victim of dowry harassment and domestic violence. In Bangalore, the boycott is being spearheaded by organisations like Save Indian Family (SIF). Across India, there are about 10,000 men’s rights activists.

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  1. I will never see his movie , till he stop the male hatred agenda in his film and tv show. Before pointing fingers in others profession, first let him correct his own profession i.e. film industries where the maximum women had been abused, mentally, physically, sexually every day. Why he is silent on that issue and keep pointing fingers to others?