Sad news for male haters, Crime Against Women decreasing !

Why should a decrease in crime against women be sad news ? Well not for me, but for majority of the anti-male people in the Indian state of Maharashtra, this fact is very hard to digest. Without the cheap publicity gimmick of rising crime against women. Many worthless public figures would have little else to crow about. "Crime Against Women" is constantly used by many incompetent and corrupt politicians and publicity hungry film actors, to show that they are doing something good for the society. And how do they do this ? They try to exaggerate facts, distort incidences, and then to show their magnanimity, they help the "victims" of these alleged crime. To project themselves as messiah for women. They propose and create new laws to help these alleged victims. There is a class of people, whose bread and butter depends on the gains they make from the myth of crime against women. These people will loose their money and fame, if the myth of crime against women is busted. The crime statistics of Maharashtra for the year 2011 are available for download.

Below is the trend. Please check the trend of previous years too.

The oft repeated Dowry Death story is a hoax in real life. Please note that if a wife dies within seven years of marriage, Indian law permits police to register it as dowry death. The 2011 figure is 339. The dismal conviction rate of 15.35 percent, shows how false most of these cases are. The conviction rate has risen from the previous 6.69 % to hide the incompetency of the legal machinery. With proper legal aid, most of these cases turn how to be false. Is there any remedy for the innocents who are branded as accused and vilified in public ?

While Amir Khan, and the likes would like people to believe in the false propaganda, that female foeticide is a pressing problem. The statistics are miserable on that front. The rise in numbers is because any abandoned infant is being termed as female infanticide. Sorry to hurt the feelings of those, who want to live in the false pop-corn reality.

About Maharashtra :: The state is ruled by a coalition of  two parties Congress and Nationalist Congress Party (NCP).  NCP is trying to promote Ms. Supriya Sule, daughter of the state's powerful politician Sharad Pawar. Ms. Supriya Sule is very focussed on women's issues like female foeticide, and infanticide. NCP makes sure, that these issues get major media coverage. The above statistics shows how serious the issues are. This helps divert the attention of general public from far serious issues like inefficient and corrupt governance, poverty, suicides of males, etc.

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