Why nagging by wives be made a criminal offense

Many people, might be surprised by the title. In India, the suicides of men (married men in particular) are increasing at an alarming rate every year. Every year, double the number of men commit suicide, then women. Men in India face enormous amount of stress. Tons of responsibilities are pinned on them. Right from childhood, it is imbibed on their mind, that they need to be protector and provider for the other members of their families. More specifically for the female members of their family. If the need arises they have to sacrifice themselves for their family.
All these unjust demands, are taking a heavy toll, on the physical and emotional well being of a men. Nagging is one of the worst form of torture, that can be inflicted on anyone. However when done to a man by a women, it goes un-noticed, and not even taken note of. A man, when he comes home, after a strenous day at work. Going through all the maddening traffic in India, with a very bad transport system. In the public transport system, (though the majority of travellers are male) reservation is made for females. So more stress for men. Finally when he reaches home, it is just for him, to expect some peace at home. But in many households the moment, the man enters the house, he faces a barrage of verbal abuse. Many men get depressed due to this inhuman behaviour that they are subjected daily at home. Since an over whelming majority of the husbands are afraid of their wives, they don't have the courage to reply back. Instead of helping such men, Indian society mocks at men. The problem is worsened by the fact that men are not even allowed to express their feelings about the abuse they undergo at home. If a men expresses his harassment, he becomes a subject of ridicule. Thus adding to the stress.
With nowhere to vent the treatment meted out to them, men who are crushed under these various pressures, try to find an outlet. The only outlet, for those specifically from lower strata of the society is to take recourse to some addiction like liquor. For some, this makes them deaf to the nagging of their wives. Some cannot bear the constant verbal torture, and try to answer it physically. In that too they loose, since the wife also fights back, but shouts loudly. And society views that a drunk husband has came home, and is hitting the poor abla naari (helpless women). Society now bays for the blood of the husband. And some "brave" people like Anna Hazare and his likes, who claim to be true followers of Gandhi. Take pleasure in canning such helpless and unarmed husbands.

Ironically, instead of tackling the root cause of the issue, Indian law makers create laws to encourage wicked women to harass men more. IPC 498A, Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005, Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, CrPC 125, etc, are some example of these pervert mentality. The proposed draft about paying a house wife will add more misery to the life of Indian Men. Men have to face harassment at home, and they have to pay for that too !


  1. Agreed!!!

    Man Should stop walking in to the legal trap of reacting and getting provoked. His position is like KARATE Player (Empty Handed).

    If he understands this then he wont feel victimized, rather he would be emotionally independent over a period of time.

    He may be legally challenged but as a side effect he would be Mentally and Karmically better off, safe and invincible.

  2. Superb article describing realities of Life in India.

  3. Stop abuse of men , if not the crime in society is not going to reduce, as injustice some where is direct threat of justice every where, which court judges and law makers must understand.