Amir Khan and the brain-dead Indian Male

Amir Khan and the likes, encash on the simple philosphy, that when males see a feminine form, the logical part of their brain stops working.
One person was telling how, in KBC, a women who had suffered an acid attack, had requested the court to allow her to commit suicide. With due respect to all women, many Indian males get carried away by such stupid stories. When a person wants to commit suicide, he/she doesn't goes on TV, and tells the whole world. "Hey  Guys, do you know what, I want to commit suicide, can you please allow me to die". Of course, a person, with the intent of suicide won't ever do such a thing. But for Indian males, who CANNOT think objectively, when a female is involved, things are difficult to understand.

Many Indian males commit suicide every day. One every six minute. That rate is double that of women. While women victims get sympathy, Male victims face ridicule. Does anyone care for them ? Apart from a few Men's Right's Activist no one. Only when men themselves get screwed up miserably, do they realize the truth.  Even then many men are reluctant to accept the truth. Many want to dis-believe that misandry(male-hatred) exists.They will put absolute junk arguments to negate the fact, that misandry exists.

If you are a Men's Rights Activist (MRA's), you need to pat your back. You are right on the road to Self-Realization. It is your good karma, that led you to this realization.

Do MRA's need to be worried about the vast majority of people, who get carried away by the orthodox view, that women are harassed, and men are the culprit. That we live in a male dominated society, and more such bull-crap? Absolutely NO. In any society, the ones who understand the truth are always few in numbers. That is the way, it is destined. Remember the pyramid. Only very few are at the top. All major changes in the history of mankind, have been triggered by only a small set of people. The vast majority don't care much for Men. It is MRA's karma, to spread awareness. Hence MRA's don't need to get disappointed that a vast majority don't realize the misandry that exists in out everyday life.

Future generations of these male-haters will be ashamed of how senseless their grandpa's/granny's were !!!



  2. Good article. Very nicely thought out article.

  3. Men can also do the same...when courts don't listen to husbands, their evidences are set aside and order given against them say to maintain his adulterous wife, or her illicit children...we can defy court order and ask president to order capital punishment...this is because if we commit suicide silently no one knows how dangerous these laws and our legal system is. When we defy court orders and ask for punishment ppl know how biased courts are..