Even if Indian husband is dying, and jobless, he has to pay money to wife

Normally Indian courts treat husbands like free ATM machines. Even if the husband is jobless, courts routinely tell husbands to pay money to wife. The directive of courts is "Beg, Borrow, or Steal" (BBS), but pay your wife. The courts are very ruthless in this regard.
Recently  an HIV positive gentleman, who is jobless, was ordered to pay maintenance to his wife. Even though the gentleman had produced diagnostic reports, the courts didn't budged from their BBS motto. The gentleman is incurring a monthly expense of Rs.3900. And still he was ordered to pay Rs. 5000 per month to his wife.
Please don't ask sensible questions like, in such moments, the court is expected to show a humane approach to the husband. The Indian court expect that till a husband is alive, he has to support his wife, by ANY means. The husband had subjected himself to examination. But the courts refused to do that, and passed a merciless order, directing him to pay money. No mercy, for husbands, even if they are on their deathbed.

Below is the court order

Suryakant Tularam Tiwari...Petitioner
Poonam Suryakant Tiwari...Respondent
Mr. Pradip Chavan h/f. Pradip Chavan & Associates for the Petitioner
Mr. B.K. Bali a/w. Mrs. Shail Chaudhary i/b. B.K. Bali Associates for
the Respondent
                 DATED  : 14 TH  DECEMBER, 2012
P.C. :
1. The Petitioner husband has challenged the order of
maintenance of Rs.5000/­ p.m reviewed to be the maintenance
order of Rs.8000/­p.m to be granted to the Respondent wife.
The Petitioner has not paid any maintenance. He has been in
arrears. He claimed that his employment was terminated
because he was so ill that he could not stand.  He has produced
various certificates and pathological reports. The Pathological
reports shows that he has HIV+ status, arthritis and TB
susceptibility. The Petitioner is suffering from all diseases.
However, that suspect would have to be seen at the trial when
the Petitioner submits himself to cross examination and seeks to
prove various illness certificates.
2. The Petitioner claims that he spends Rs.3900/­ p.m for his
HIV treatment.  That also would have to be separately proved.
Mere producing of Petitioner's bills do not show that they refer
to the Petitioner or that the monies are paid by the Petitioner.
The prescriptions for these medicines would also have to be
3. The Petitioner is an Engineer.  He was working and earning
a salary of Rs.19,000/­. That has been discontinued being his
termination. He claims to have got another job which is also
terminated.  His present job is also stated to be terminated.
4. The Petitioner has completely thrown his hands up without
any positive evidence.
5. Pending the Petition the interim maintenance would have
to be paid. No case for any alteration or modification of the
impugned order is made out.
6. The Writ Petition is dismissed.


  1. Who said, HIV doesnt spread by touching? These law misuse are HIV of the society and they are spreading by all means, Water, air, touch, phone, letters, everything. People who misuse are loving misuse and misusers are being awarded.

  2. Why are the Indian courts so merciless and inhuman towards husbands when passing orders and always tilted towards wives just because she is a woman? No justice for innocent husbands and in-laws but al favors for lying wives and her parents.

  3. Dec 19, 2012, Did the husband infected the wife? If he did not, then the court is wrong, but if he did, then he need to pay his wife allowances.

    1. Dear Nayan, Lets not presume, husband infected wife. It could as well be the other way round. If the wife infected husband, will the wife be liable to pay to the husband ?

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