Why people like Justice Katju are not idiots !

"Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely."

In India, judges have tremendous power and immunity. Anyone can openly express their critical views to some extent, on politicians, government officials, and people in power. Not on judges though. If anyone dares to question the judges, it is regarded as contempt of court. So much so that even politicians are scared to pass any remark on judges. Because of this unlimited power, the judges think, they can speak any nonsense, and people will tamely listen. One of the reasons that judges enjoy such wide powers is because the British created the current Judicial system in India. British deliberately created a powerful servile class to help them sustain their power in India. Judiciary helped British by doing grave injustice on Indian Men, and sentencing the freedom fighters to death and long term imprisonment. Markendey Katju, is a retired Supreme Court Judge. He is quite famous, for making controversial statements, and later on retracting them saying, I meant something else. Recently he was in the news for saying "90% of of Indians are fools". To justify his statements, unfortunately for him, he has taken shelter in all the wrong arguments. On one hand, he tries to show he is anti-British, but his writings reeks of a Brit-sycophant.

He has quoted that India had such a glorious past - pre-British era. Majority of the "dignified" Supreme Court and High Court judges, always take pride in referring to British Laws, quotes and texts. This smells heavily of colonial era-sycophancy. Aren't there Indian texts to refer to ? Truth is the institution of Judiciary in India, is still in the colonial era mindset. They think once they have donned the black coat, they are above the idiotic natives.

It was people like Justice Katju, who said that the British are a God-Send, and who refused to fought against the British. Because of them it took more then 100 years to throw the British out of India. Time has came, that we throw such sycophants out of India.

The ills of Indian society he has criticized are the ones, which British had deliberately planted to show how Indians are uncivilized people. One of the biggest such corruption of history was the Aryan invasion theory. This was then mixed with various other malicious propaganda. Sati, female infanticide, ill-treatment of women, and so forth. This created a feeling of guilt amongst so-called British educated Indian Men. Unfortunately these Men with guilt, were mostly from the elite class. This same guilt is present today, and people like Amir Khan are trying hard to sustain that guilt. If anyone needs to feel guilty it is the shameless judiciary in India, who needs to unconditionally apologize to the entire nation for murdering so  many freedom fighters. This same judiciary continues to torture Men, even today. He has quoted dowry deaths as being so common. It is out in the open that most of the dowry death cases are false. Laws like IPC 498A meant to curb dowry death menace, have created an extortion racket in courts. Helpless Indian Men are routinely harassed, humiliated, looted and tortured in Indian courts.  Per Justice Katju these Men fighting for justice are idiots. If they were clever they should have committed suicide, like the 62,000+ Men who do so every year. Since Men are really fools if they expect justice from Indian courts.

If Indian society has to progress, it needs to kick out sycophants like Markendey Katju.


  1. The judges including former judges, members of judicial system of India, all police personal of India and all elected members of panchayat; municipal corporations; MLA; MLC; MPs are not fool all others are fool in this country which are 90% in this country as per explanation given by U. Why without any supporting data of acquittals in Dowry harassment cases and dowry death cases, you have added dowry deaths are common in India? Do you want to defame the India in world that 90% Indians other then above categories are barbarians and pore petrol and set them on fire? You are at chair does not mean you do irresponsible writings about India to defame it.

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