Protection of women always leads to terrible violence

A popular depiction in mainstream hindi movies in India. To protect one female, scores of men are killed by the hero. The hero probably forgets the famous quote "An eye for an eye, will leave everyone blind"
Most riots and bloodshed happen due to this protectionist mindset of males. One of the most common reason for bloodshed in riots/conflicts is that (rumors of) "women" have been raped/killed. Since it is quite easy to incite men, when they hear that women have been raped/killed, for centuries this trick has been used to create bloodshed. When such rumors are spread, Men tend to join such armed conflicts, to "protect honor of women". And protection of honor of women means, killing men, whom they suspect, could bring dishonor to their women folks. Facts are ignored, and violence happens on the basis of (deliberately planted) rumors and fake perceptions. And when emotions overtake men, rational thinking is totally destroyed.
Once on TV, there was a discussion about eve-teasing. Recently in an eve-teasing incident, a young man was killed, while supposedly trying to protect a girl. Of the deaths involved in eve-teasing, all were men. The discussion was focused entirely on protecting females. Nothing about protecting Men. Since it is a given that males are disposable entities. Even in the over-hyped Delhi rape case, did anyone care for the young man who was injured ?  Very few. All news was about the female. Hence even if males try to be hero, no one is going to take notice of them. So why act on impulse and false pride? Even the protests meant to protect women, lead to more violence. Thus proving the point. In fact, we will never know, what happened in the alleged Delhi rape case. The truth will never come out. There is a possibility that there was only physical violence, that too probably instigated by the young man, trying to impress the girl. He was trying to be a super-hero, but got a rude shock of reality.

History is filled with countless such examples of terrible violence, under the false garb of protection of women. Men should stop being protectors of women and think about protecting themselves first. All of this violence and senseless bloodshed can be avoided, if Men stop acting on the protector impulse. If civilization has to progress, Men need to shed this orthodox mindset of pseudo protection of women. Else there is little difference between animals and Men. Men need to protect themselves first. Women are much stronger then most men realize. Even women organizations would agree to that. Hence they want more responsibilities for women, I hope my guess about responsibilities is correct :-)


  1. "that too probably instigated by the young man, trying to impress the girl. "

    What motive would he have for that? I don't think he'd be that foolish to provoke 5-6 other men while being alone himself.

  2. That's the point. Men do insane things, which cannot be explained, when trying to be protectors of Females. Also that is a probability, which cannot be easily discarded.