Delhi Rape was FAKE ?

A Delhi Police constable has died while he was on duty, trying to control the unruly mob gathered to protest the alledged rape in Delhi.

 News channels are bringing stooges to prove hard that the police constable died of totally natural causes. They are making a show of how factual they are. The post mortem report is being analyzed, or more aptly twisted. Check how they have highlighted "no confirmation"
 They are creating new witnesses who are trying to prove their "theory of natural death". There was one shameless women, who was proudly saying he died of natural causes. But, no one calls her a w*ore. But people want to cut private parts of those who are demanding a fair trial for the accused. This underlines the fact of males being a disposable entity. Why cry over the death of a Police Person, more so of a Man.

Why not apply the same parameters to the alleged Delhi Rape case itself, and check if it withstands the same tests.
- Did anyone saw the medical report of the rape case ? Why not publish the report ?
- If rape is so severe then murder, why didn't either of the boy or girl waved to any of the police check-post which passed by. The bus passed through three such barricades.
- All the news reports are about the victim girl's stomach injuries. Which points to only physical violence.
- The victim has admitted that the accused had threatened her that they would throw her out of the moving bus. And everyone thought she wanted to get out of the bus. "....narrated to the SDM that all the while they kept threatening her that they would throw her out of the moving bus. Initially, the accused tried to throw out her friend, too, but failed as he put up a fight."
- Since news channels cannot show porn legally, they try to show as much coverage and discussion of alleged rape cases to satisfy their viewers urge. Hence they over hype such issues. In most cases, they create issue out of nothing. They will do anything to get more viewership.
- The rape incidence was created by Congress to over-shadow Modi's re-election. If the delhi Rape case hadn't happened, it would have been all Modi on all news channels.
- The rape incidence was created by Congress so that people's attention will get diverted from their scams.
- The rape incidence is being hyped by people who are nobodies to get some mileage, and eke out a living, so that govt nominates them on some commission, or ask them to prepare a useless report. These people are called p**mps.

Remember "Truth is stranger then fiction"

Crime is crime. Laws, investigating agencies and judiciary shouldn't be gender biased.


  1. As per crime bure report about 70% found not guilty and more than 90% are mutual physical relation converted to r@pe cases. Please note to convect any person in rape cases, today there is no need of even medical reports or eye witness, her own statements is sufficient, means in those cases it is a accused proved himself innocent.

    When police can't catch the real r@pist , send every tom,dick or harry as rapist in false and fabricated cases which is the main reason for less convection.

    Some recent news :
    stop the false and fabricated rape cases, along with fine need the jail terms as this should be termed as legal terrorism. Other wise the day is not too far when any ram, shyam, jadu or madhu will be termed as rapist.
    (a) AI Air Hostess Komal Singh case : “NCW rules out sexual harassment of AI air-hostess” -
    (b) Lt. Gen. A.K.Nanda case : “Col, wife cooked up sex charge against general” -
    (c) Weightlifting coach falsely alleged with sexual harassment by Karnam Malleshwari : “Weightlifting coach absolved of charges”
    (d) False sexual harassment allegations against Mr. M.K.Kaushik, former Indian Women’s Hockey coach

    Read the Rape law of Country like :

    Sweden, United states, England, Scotland, Germany , no where death penalty
    is there.