Crime Shows/Serials on TV - Feminazi factory at work

"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it" - Joseph Goebbels (Nazi Propaganda Minister, under Adolf Hitler)

Sony TV broadcasts a serial called as Dastak/Crime Patrol. Like OK, TV Channel broadcasts a crime show called "Savdhaan Indian". Nowadays lot of TV channels are telecasting similar crime serials/shows. They supposedly show real life cases. However with a twist. They heavily dramatize the actual event.
When writers are out of ideas, they turn to the tried and tested cheap formula of showing women as victim. In majority of the episodes, crimes involving women are shown. Women are always projected as abla naari's(helpless victims). These serials try hard to justify the crimes done by females. Even if a women commits a crime, they try hard to prove that she was a victim of circumstances. They show only one angle/perspective of the event, and that too in a dramatized fashion. This leads to the general public believing that it is mostly women who are victims. Real fact is, they only broadcast crimes, where women are involved. Why is it then, it is men, who are mostly killed everyday? In real life, more then 75% of murder victims are always Men.(Refer NCRB data) But Men don't get much sympathy. Worse, if a Man is killed by a women, she can always use the abla-naari trump card. And TV shows are too eager to twist the facts, and project how the helpless women was driven to commit murder. Or abort her child, and more such nonsense.

Feminists are too eager to defend such TV shows by saying, that the TV show producers, have a right to bread and butter. Sure, yes, but not by spreading the disease of male-hatred in society. Due to the diseased propaganda spread by such TV shows, the already existing erroneous notion of majority of the ignorant Indian population that majority of the crimes are committed against women, gets re-enforced. And these ignorant masses believe that they know the facts.
Since protection of women is a natural tendency of Men, Men are huge fans of such TV shows. They want to exhibit their protectionist behavior. One way they do that, is help spreading such male-hatred, in order to show how much they sympathize and care for women. (Many Indians think that by watching TV shows, they are contributing generously to some noble social cause). When such people are shown statistics, they half-heartedly agree that "yes, crimes do happen against Men," but would add, "majority of the victims are women" !!

Civilization implies humans curb their primitive instincts. In this case, the men who support criminal women, are fostering their primitive instincts. Protect females to spread their seed. Such men should be ashamed of being so un-civilized. Ironically majority of such protectionist men are proud of this uncivilized behavior of theirs. Majority of Indian men like to be protectors of women. They like to help the "damsel in distress". Towards what end ?


  1. I will not blame Crime Patrol, but only one urge to them When any TV channel broadcasts any stats, they need to do proper analysis before broadcasting. They have shown wrong stats in their show. complete analysis is here -