How to identify rapists

Currently there is intense media focus on an alledged rape of a women in Delhi (the capital of India). Whenever such a media publicized rape event happens, there is a demand to hang the rapists to death. It is portrayed as if rapists are from some other planets. Both male and females come out in large number on streets, and create intense drama. All this, under the garb of "justice". They demand to put terror in the heart of the rapists. The media portrays as if the whole world is against the rapists. All news TV channels were showing interviews of the protestors. The language of many of the protestors was foul and uncivilized to say the least. And these people talk of justice! One common demand is, "rape the female family members of the rapists. Then they will understand." Such demand is also made against people, who call for an unbiased trial for the accused. This is not at all opposed fervently by the protestors. The colors of the so-called ideologues and the intellectuals also stand exposed, as they shamelessly defend the immoral, violent and undemocratic actions of the protestors.
The alledged rapists, are in fact "alledged" rapists. Whether a rape happened, or not, is yet to be proved in a court of law. Indian law prohibits publishing the documents related to the rape, so that the accused don't get a fair trial. But the protestors, by their very mindset, are clearly rapists. Hence if one needs to kill/finish off the rapists, it is quite easy. Target the people, who blindly protest rape of a female. The protestors(female and male) are the real rapists. These are the real scum of the society.  In a country where a dreaded terrorist like Kasab, who was not even an Indian citizen, gets a fair trial. But alleged rapists are demanded to be lynched without any trial. Such is the pathetic state of the Indian society.

Below is a behind the scenes video clip from a TV show, showing the behavior of such rapists. Such a scenario is very common in India.

Description - A  women slaps a  man, he slaps her back. After seeing this, "protectors" rush in towards the man aggressively as if he has committed a heinous crime. They start mercilessly beating the man, hurling the choicest abuses at him. "Lifting a hand on women, you m******" "Send your sister, you *****"
Protection of women always leads to terrible violence