Want to witness rape ?

Visit any police station, and/or Indian court, and see for yourself how men are humiliated. Treated with disdain. The torture is more intense, if the issue is gender related. If the men is a husband, or an alleged rapist, or both. In that case, the torture and humiliation is worse then hell. He is continuously humiliated, with taunts of Not being a real man, Cannot satisfy his wife, etc. His genital organs are tortured. In court, he gets date after date. And in every date, he is humiliated further. He is already treated like a criminal, without an iota of evidence against him. He is made to pay to the the complainant women, without any proof of any offense. Without any emotional and legal aid, the men is let to rot. Millions of such men are rotting in Indian jails, and more keep on visiting the police stations and courts, for the only crime of being a male. If he is not rotting in jail or police station, he is not safe at home either. Since even at home, he faces a constant barrage of overburdened stress and abuse, for the crime of being a Male.

The bigoted Indian law treats, whatever women says as gospel truth. However, if the men, fights back, and during the course of the trial, if it is turning out, that the female complainant is guilty, and has made a totally false complaint. The man is pressurized to end the trial. He is told, what are you going to gain out of this trial ? Forget everything and start a new life. And to add insult to injury, he is still told to pay to the women complainant. Imagine, what justice, he is going to get, if such sort of heavenly advice is coming from the judge. In courts, men are routinely psychologically raped. This mental torture is much more severe then physical torture.
Shunned by society, the only recourse for such men is to commit suicide. Which is evident from the thousands of males committing suicide every year in India. Every 6 minute one male commits suicide in India. The response from feminists and so called social scientists is inhuman and shameless to the core. For them male is disposable. If you try to be objective with the case of any alleged women victim, all hell will break loose. You will be termed rapist, for trying to find the truth. How dare you even question the integrity of any women.

However even after their death, the ordeal is not over for men. When these men commit suicide, they are termed by various adjectives like "not man enough", (Chhakka/Hijadaa) eunuch, wimp, gutless, etc. People with an air of self-righteousness ask, If he was innocent, then why didn't he fight. In short, he doesn't gets sympathy. A person in deep emotional distress, very much needs emotional support. And that is the one thing, which Men do not get.

The solution to this is to treat Men as humans. Treat both the gender in an equal manner. Stop all undue advantages to women, under the pervert slogan of "Women's Empowerment". Until the rape of men is not stopped, Men shouldn't care much about women. Men, don't laugh at fellow men being raped, tomorrow, it may well be YOU !