Verma Committe Report - Emotional Atyachaar on Men

Due to the alleged Delhi Rape incident, Indian government had constituted the three-member committee headed by Justice Verma, to suggest tougher laws for crimes against women. The committed recently submitted its report.
The word "Atyaachar" in most Indian languages means Intense Torture. The basic premise of the committee itself was invalid. The report is extremely opinionated, full of lies, and contradictions. The committee selectively invited only extremely feminist organizations and government officials. So its methodology itself was fundamentally flawed. This methodology raises the question, whether, the committee had any honest intention, to look at the problem at hand in an objective manner.  

The first statement made in the report is that society tolerates rape "Rape,  sexual  assault..... are  being  tolerated  by  a  society  ostensibly  wedded  to  the  rule of law". This is sheer nonsense, and shows disconnect with reality. The report conveniently overlooks the huge percentage of false cases filed by unscrupulous women. Given that the Justice Verma being a judge, knows this fact very well. Shows how morally corrupt the former judge is. In fact, he goes overboard, and has suggested to remove the misuse clause in such law's.
The report criticizes the view that "The trend has historically been to view women as ‘recipients’  and  not  contributors  to  public  policy." If that is so. Then why can Justice Verma explain, why Indian courts always, blindly grant maintenance to wives ? And not to husbands ?
The report talks to great extent about women's rights. But puts the onus of responsibilities only on Men.

Glaring contradictions
On one hand he says, that law enforcement agencies misuse laws. While on the other hand, he suggests more harsh laws. By deliberately giving more powers to police and judiciary, he is creating more pains for men. The report wants 98 laws to be made more stringent. This includes IPC Section 498A !!!  In addition to these, we have PWDVA, HMA, SHWB, etc. So we have 100+ laws to protect women. Still craving for more.
The report starts by quoting Gandhi. Gandhi was all about non-violence and forgiveness. Particularly when the one who has got power. In Justice Verma's case, those who have power(judiciary) will further harass Men.
While the report talks about lofty ideals of equality, in practise it recommends anti-male laws.
The report says that "the  duty  of  the  State,  therefore,  is  to  provide  a  safe  environment,  at  all  times,  for  women". And Men are disposable, let them die.
The report continuously exhorts about the need to make special provisions for women while doing anything. Thus it talks of gender equality is nothing but a crude shameless sham. It ridiculously states that planning commission didn't gave thought to women "the role of  women  in  planned  economy  was  not adequately prioritized". The report has clearly gone completely astray from its goals.
The report keeps pointing to constitutions and laws of other countries (including South Africa) Doesn't the judge has his own sense ? 
        "Scholarship is less than sense;  Therefore seek intelligence:  Senseless scholars in their pride  Made a lion; then they died."   

The report states says "We  wish  to  add  that  the  supreme  law  does  not  have  any  bias  against  women". It hides the fact that the law has a positive bias for women, and a hatred for men.
The report presumes that women have been harassed for centuries. And to correct that, it wants to harass Men. Shameful tactic employed by a Judge, who is still in colonial-era mindset. In colonial-era, British stooges portrayed a very skewed picture of India's past, to please their British masters. British created judiciary to help ensure their rule in India. And they created system in such a way, that to gain admission(become a judge), one needed to be a British sycophant. And views harmful to British interests were considered as un-civilized.
One of the motives of setting up this committee was to ensure that the Delhi government was absolved of its duty. Which the committee has dutifully done, at the cost of sacrificing men.

P.S.: Recently the report has been criticized by various sections, including Karnataka state women's commission, for singing old tune. And not offering anything new.


  1. Good insight on Verma committee report. I have not downloaded it since there are many other committees being formed...and we will be tired of readon all of them.

  2. Every Man is not a criminal. Every women is not an innocent. By nature it is right of every live animal and other things to generate next generation. But with the suggestion "Wife can file rape complaint against Husband" Mr. J. S. Verma not only to wants put back Indian towards the 'Stone Age' but in Modern Age of India also every Husband should be live under the sympathy of Wife. In other words 'With the marriage every Man is qualified for Impressment.' will be the India : 2020.

    1. Well said, Mr.Aniket. It seems that he doesn't wants India to progress.

  3. JJ Verma recommendations -- "The Ultimate Handbook of Gender Bias & Misandry"