Delhi Rape Aftermath: India's Shame

Was Delhi rape aftermath a national shame for India ? The answer is a resounding yes. This incidence has brought to forth, once again, how bigoted, the Indian society is. The barbaric way in which the accused were treated, shows how primitive Indian society has became. The way, the uncivilized protestors reacted, was a black day for democracy. The violent and beastly protestors were openly demanding castration, and cruel mutilation of the alledged accused. And if they had their way, the would have done it. The reaction was nothing but murder of democracy in India. And this country dreams of being a Super Power. A country where frenzied emotions kill rational thinking, is not fit for even a regional power house, let alone, lead the world. And what did this event showed to the world, how even basic human rights are openly abused ? Voices of MRA's calling for fair trial, were drowned in all this cacophony. In fact, no one dare uttered this in front of the violent protestors, lest they be beaten to death. The protestors were like anti-voltaire.

  I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it.
     - Voltaire

Legislature, Executive and Judiciary are the three pillars of democracy. All these three pillars failed miserably. Legislature: Opportunist politicians like Jaya Bachan tried to imitate Barack Obama's emotion, but in a totally incorrect scenario. Delhi CM was more happy blaming the Delhi Police. When in fact, the Delhi Police, had acted very efficiently in this case. None of the politicians had the courage to denounce the shameless protests, which made a mockery of democracy. In fact, they supported the protests, for cheap gains. Executive: The executive lacks courage to take a stand, which is not in concurrence with their political bosses. And since it is headed by politicians, cannot expect much from them. Judiciary: The less said about judiciary the better. They behave as if they are not from this world. The judiciary has great powers, but won't ever take a position, which is correct but not populist. Even when lawyers openly said, they won't take the case of the accused, the judiciary, acted like deaf and dumb.
It is a shame, Spineless display by all three pillars of democracy.

Such sort of protests, weren't seen even after the deadly terrorist attack on Mumbai. The lone surviving dreaded terrorist got a fair trial. He got the best lawyers to plead for him. We didn't saw thousands of people baying for his blood outside the court. Not many are asking for Afzal Guru to be hanged. Thus most of the bigoted Indians think that alledged rapists are more dangerous then terrorists. Which means, that they have their own selfish and narrow-minded priorities before the country. In fact, these protestors are no different then Al-Qaida terrorists. Similar to the terrorists, these protestors are acting in a frenzy, resorting to unjustified violence, and justifying any inhuman act of theirs. The protestors were shamelessly downplaying the murder of the Delhi policemen. Honest tax-payers money was wasted in all this drama. The alledged victim was sent to Singapore. A country of the size of a sub continent, contender to be a superpower, begs a small country like Singapore for medical aid. How shameful can that be.

All these recent events, are similar to what happened in Nazi Germany. The way hate was incited against Jews, similarly it is being incited against males in India. The jews were robbed of their wealth. All laws related to protection of women, are money extortion tools. Hitler/Nazism considered some ethnic groups as sub-humans. Similarly the protestors were/are saying that the accused are not humans, and need not be treated like humans. Just like the jews had a number tatooed on their body, similarly it is being demanded that alleged male sexual offender be similarly distinguished. Just like Hitler and his followers, faked events to purge his opponents. Similarly such protests are staged to help facilitate creation of laws meant to rob males.

There is a slow genocide of men, happening in India. If this holocaust is not stopped soon, it will have horrible implications on mankind. When the jewish holocaust was happening, many watched silently. Hope this time, the just people won't be silent. "Never Again" says the memorial at Dachau, but seems like it is going to happen again.


  1. I must say I disagree with your blog to a great extent. Yes, men are the victims of the women biased laws in India. Yes, most of the cases filed against men are false, but at the same time we have to recognize the gruesome crime committed by those six men and they should be punished appropriately which may be hanging. Remember, this is not simple rape case but a very cruel murder. The protest was legitimate against the government, police and judiciary system. Everyone who felt for the victim came to the streets. What will really happen and the protesters too do not know is that their protest will now be used by the feminist groups to pressure government for more women biased laws. The Congress government will use it to push anti-hindu laws like IRBM to destroy the Indian society. As usual the main opposition BJP will be confused what to do and will end up going with the flow and stamping the foolish laws not risking its votes. The need of the hour is to educate these protesters with different laws in the country and its rapid misuse, I am sure they will agree to it.

  2. While I completely agree with Sunny, I think the murder of a man by two women and chopping him into 17 pieces deserved equal media attention..India was never a democracy.. we need to change the system.. make it fair and the laws just.. laws need to be gender neutral.. we suffer because the legal system doesnt deliver quickly.. so a systemic change is required..

    1. Dear. Aren't we part of the system ? The system is corrupted, because the society is corrupted. And do you really expect these uncivilized beasts to care for men ? :-)

  3. A similar level of sustained support to Anna's movement would have got us much better results..

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