Felicitating a braveheart, The Why's and How's

Every day, news channels and newspapers in India are filled up stories (often concocted) of atrocities committed on women. Stories of atrocities committed by women are neglected, and if published are twisted in a perverted manner. Misandry is a huge problem in India. Gender Equality is not at all recognized. Gender Equality has taken the evil form of silent genocide of men. In such a bleak scenario, the recent news of a traffic cop showing courage, to take action against two young women was a pleasant surprise. Brought up with the false ego of women empowerment, two young women, had verbally and physically assaulted the cop. After reading the news, we (Mens Rights Association, an NGO organization in Pune) decided to dig more in the matter. Some members met the concerned cop and his seniors, to gain more information about the event. The cop (Mr. A.D.Shelar) is in police service for more then 25 years. He gave further details about how the women were pissed off, on seeing that a policemen had shown the courage to stop them for jumping the traffic signal. How could he dare to stop the empowered women of India.

Indian society looks upon Men who get beaten by women as cowards. There is a huge stigma attached to a man, who gets beaten by women. Hence men keep silent about abusive women, and silently suffer the abuses committed on them. To make things worse, instead of helping such abused men, these men are further humiliated by society. Evil women know very well how to take advantage of this. But they were wrong in the case of this brave traffic cop. He not only caught them, for breaking traffic rules. He ensured that a criminal case was filed against these young women for breaking the law. Such an act needs a lot of courage. It is said, that the biggest weakness of men is their facade of strength. Hence MRA organization decided to felicitate this brave cop. MRA took permission from the police to do this event. Once granted, finding a suitable time was a problem. Given the long and odd working hours of police. The time fixed was 8.30 am on 12th Jan 2013. Some members doubted as to why would people come so early in the morning in such cold weather, that too for felicitating a cop.  Many people don't even wake up at 8.30 am, forget about being present at 8.30 am. Members were told  to arrive before 8.15 am. I was pleasantly surprised to see that all members arrived before 8.15 am. Around 15 to 20 Mens Rights Activists had gathered. Not a single member was late. Kudos to the discipline.

Once the cop and his seniors arrived,  we started the felicitation ceremony. The cops were surprised. Normally people keep pointing out the mistakes of police, but their good work is rarely appreciated. His senior was a lady police inspector. Initially we were apprehensive as to how she would view the work of Men's Rights. When we told her about the various activities that we do for helping Men, she was very appreciative of us. She told us, that in her career she had observed that women are more abusive then men. Women have little fear of law, and break law with more impunity then men. She said, women misuse a lot of power that they legally have. She said, it was only because of her support that cops under her, take action against criminal women. Else policemen are always under the fear, that they will be wrongly accused of molestation and rape !!! Later we met the chief of the police station (Sr.P.I).  Initially he was not ready to accept the fact that women misuse law or misandry is prevalent. To prove his point, he said, look at Delhi Rape case. We answered, "when 75 policemen were killed in cold blood by Naxalites why was the nation quite? " Doesn't this speak of males being disposable ? When confronted with data, and various aspects of laws, he started to agree. After showing him more such facts(acquittal rates, crime statistics, victim men stories etc), he did accept the fact, that it is Men who are more harassed. He also acknowledged that policemen usually don't take action against criminal women, since policemen are always under the fear, that they will be wrongly accused of molestation and rape by such women !!!

8.15 am: Mens Rights Activists gathered for the felicitation ceremony

9.00 am: MRA's and police team
 P.S.: Later with some MRA friends, we visited the Indo-German Exhibition held in Pune.  Seeing MRA T-Shirts, we got lot of curious looks. One men approached us and asked, if we were working for Men's Rights. When we told yes, and gave some details. He was visibly very happy, and pumped his fist in air, and went away.
12.30 pm: MRA's at Indo German Exhibition


  1. salute you guys for the gesture. and trying to initiate logical thinking in gender sensitised police force.

  2. salute you guys for the gesture. and trying to initiate logical thinking in gender sensitised police force.

  3. Salute to the man in Uniform and salute to man in MRA uniforms too.

  4. I salute you guys and desire to join you, if you have any branch in Chandigarh inform me.

    1. Thanks Krishna. Right now, MRA is based in Pune only. Maybe you can try contacting SIF activists in Chandigarh.